Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hussein Obama you are a Fraud perpetrated on the American People by your Socialist Masters. WE KNOW !



There isn’t a soul in Congress that doesn’t know Barry is not eligible to hold the office of the Presidency of the United States as an Indonesian-born child. For those that want to laugh, point fingers, and say the word “birther” SEVEN times in every sentence they use (getting louder with each one) trying refute me, this post, or the VOLUMES of proof supporting this post…save your breath. Seriously. 
Using the word “Birther” is about as asinine as calling Obamacare “affordable.” Rather than use silly name calling, try doing some research. For even the most basic starting point, one just needs a SHRED of common sense (which excludes most liberals). No one spends MILLIONS hiding their past if there is nothing to hide. Remember what Professor Gruber said about the STUPIDITY of the American Voters? If you voted for this clown, with a sealed background, YOU are THE STUPID VOTERS Gruber was referring to. 
Furthermore, you might want to know it was LAW ENFORCEMENT, not Right-Wing Tea-Baggers who proved the birth certificate Obama presented was a fraud when they set out to SHUT UP the “Birthers” by proving the birth certificate was AUTHENTIC. Sheriff Arpaio was SICK of hearing about it, so he figured to prove the authenticity and silence the “Birthers” once and for all. As it turns out, not only did Arpaio’s team prove the birth certificate is a fraud, it is a REALLY bad one from what they say.  
For additional proof there have been FAKED birth certificates, look to the lawsuit that took place in Alabama! Team Obama was so careless with the fakes, they accidentally turned in THREE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT VERSIONS of his alleged birth certificate to Alabama in his run for President. Good luck getting liberals to conjure up anything that sounds even remotely intelligent to support that screw up. If there wasn't forgery going on, how could there be THREE different versions? Could that happen to you? Me? NO! That about says it all right there anyway… but there is WAY more. They won’t. You’ll be called a racist in minutes of even beginning THAT debate. Recently the ALABAMA SUPREME COURT PUNTED ON THE ISSUE BY ESSENTIALLY RULING NOT TO RULE ON THE MATTER. Uh, ok… who did they get a visit from? Probably the SAME PEOPLE WHO VISITED JUSTICE STEVENS OF THE SUPREME COURT!
Many intervals of the “Birther” investigation are laid out in the post titled: ALABAMA SUPREME COURT PASSES THE BUCK, RULES “NO OPINION” IN OBAMA ELIGIBILITY CASE. I suggest taking a look before you say anything stupid. The most damning of the links in my opinion is: SHERIFF ARPAIO’S LEAD INVESTIGATOR DROPS BOMB ON WHITE HOUSE. At some point, even with liberals, common sense simply has to prevail. Truthfully, the “Birther” issue is far from the minds of most conservatives these days. TREASON is a word heard much more frequently. The birth certificate is old news. 

What a great question! I’m glad you asked. If you read my post titled: CONGRESS NOT NEEDED! OBAMA MUST BE ARRESTED FOR IMPERSONATING A PUBLIC OFFICER, you will find the following:
The fact is that Obama is illegitimate and any attempt to impeach him would be an unlawful attempt to validate his “presidency” — nothing can be done to validate him as “the President,” so he cannot be lawfully impeached… If the House of Representatives unlawfully impeaches Obama, then they will also say that everything Obama has signed is legal. If the House acknowledges that Obama is a USURPER and therefore cannot be impeached, they will for the first time be formally acknowledging the fact that Obama has USURPED the Office of the President.
Congress has been avoiding the word “USURPER,” because they knew he was ineligible in 2008 and 2012 when they counted the electoral votes without objecting to his ineligibility. For the members of Congress to come to the conclusion now that Obama is a usurper would be like putting the rope around their own necks. DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH FOR THIS ONE!
Our Constitution specifically provides that a president can be impeached. It does NOT provide for the impeachment of a usurper. Obviously a usurper is NOT a president. Dr. Vieira in Thought Must Precede Action states:
“Although Mr. Obama may have succeeded in gaining PHYSICAL ACCESS to the office-space a legitimate President of the United States occupies in the White House, he never acquired LEGAL ACCESS to “the Office of President,” because, not being “a natural born Citizen,” he was NEVER CONSTITUTIONALLY ELIGIBLE, and is not now eligible, for that “Office”. For Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution declares (in pertinent part) that “[n]o Person except a natural born Citizen * * * shall be eligible to the Office of President”. If words have any meaning, a “Person” whom the supreme law of the land declares not to be “eligible to the Office of President” can never “gain access to” that “Office” in the sense of legally holding it or asserting any claim to it.”
Definition of “Office”
“Office” is defined to be a right to exercise a public or private employment, and to take the fees and emoluments thereunto belonging.
NOTE: We KNOW that Obama’s father was never an American citizen, so the evidence proves that Obama is not a natural born Citizen and therefore he does not have the right to be a president of the United States of America. We need go no further to prove that Barack Hussein Obama II was never constitutionally eligible, and is not now eligible for the “Office of the President.”
[This is the fifth in a series of coordinated open letters since MAY 2014 designed to harness the national powers of Congress, American citizens, and a Boehner -Attorney Gowdy -O’Reilly political-media leadership to arrest Barry Soetoro for his Congress-and-reverse-discrimination-enabled presidential ID felonies and his foreign sympathy crimes against America].
All I want for Christmas 2015 is for America to see, on tunnel vision television, the spectacle of Paul Irving, US House Sergeant at Arms, approach you in the Oval Office, read you a US House-prepared statement of your crimes against America, then handcuff you and lead you off to a DC jail to begin your test for drugs/full life history identification/prosecution for treason/sentencing/execution of sentences.    
You and your enablers have conscientiously denied your full identity (ID) to some 318,000,000 Americans; and this premeditated robbery of The People’s presidential knowledge, this “Ignorance is Power”, will never be tolerated as such vigorous ID cover-up is indicative that you and your closest supporters know that you were never eligible to be a Constitutional President. As such, you remain a powerless covered-up fraud-ID “President” whose entire career under oath can only be rendered Constitutionally NULL and VOID as Congress has no Constitutional authority that would empower it to accept and fund any Presidential directives and Executive Orders from any president whom they know is not a Constitutional President!  Will the newly elected Republican Congressmen be stopped on the capitol steps in DC and be instructed by Boehner and McConnell to join them in continuing to cover-up your Constitutional ineligibility from legal Americans? Or will they revolt against this ID cover-up?
You are a covered-up Indonesian Muslim citizen and not a legal “natural-born [American] Citizen”; you are a former foreign exchange student, a cocaine-stained-brain adulterous homosexual with a felonious multi-layered computer-generated “birth certificate” posted on tax-paid-for!  
You have intentionally harmed and humiliated the United States of America with an endless parade of treasonous actions while political-media leaders stand by or actively assist. You have revealed yourself to be Public Enemy No. 1 to America’s personal freedoms, personal safety, and national security. As a supposed Constitutional scholar, you lied on your Illinois attorney application by stating that you had no former name of “Barry Soetoro.”  You are a foreign-sponsored Islamic operative attempting to control America’s collective thinking while improvising a tyranny of martial law, followed by the tyranny of highway-or-die-way sharia law, as reluctant alternatives to all-out Titanic panic national anarchy.
You are a carefully marketed product from an unholy alliance of unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, David Axelrod (whose dad committed gun-assisted suicide) and yourself (whose narrative dad committed car-assisted suicide at age 46, an angry drunkard who left behind some four wives and eight children.)
Since you were only in the presence of your visiting narrative Kenyan dad for a few weeks at age 10, your confusing life history in Dreams from My Father should be re-titled Father from My Dreams! Let history record that all you three clever anarchists ever did in this world was suck off American exceptionalism and trample on America’s flag at the same time!
The Mother of all your Lies to Americans is that you are our Constitutional President; and this lie is protected by the syndicated dereliction of duty and the Omerta-like silence of the nation’s oath-taking, tax-taking Congress (Speaker Boehner in particular), by the tipped-off prejudiced Courts (the Alabama Case in particular), by the complicit US military leaders (LTC Terrance Lakin’s court-martial in particular), by the biased corporate mainstream media, and by the racist Executive Branch of the federal government ( you and Contempt-of-Congress Holder in particular) and by other complicit associations.
It remains the rightful Constitutional duty of every legal American Citizen to remove any so-called President who acts to ignore his oath of office to faithfully execute the laws of Congress, who offers aid and moral support to America’s sworn enemies, and who actively, consciously, and insolently usurps the centuries-old duties and legal constraints of the Office of the President of the United States to perform, instead, as a disengaged crackpot (also see this).
Today’s deliberate Democratic stonewalling, dove-tailed with Republican foot-dragging, is intended to promote your criminal rule until 2017. So, your immediate arrest and removal, by any appropriate means, is the only path to return to secure rational national sovereignty.
“A lawless head-of-state can only lead to a lawless body politic!” – J Mooers 2014
Within our God-provided universe (+ 13 billion years old), transported and subsisting upon our God-provided planet Earth, living within our involuntary God-provided bodies, the only thing we humans control in this world is our thinking. I think, therefore, I am. - Descartes
In the universe of things, Barry, you are no more significant than a pondering ant; you are only a single body that is 70% water within a sea of humanity. Living in 2014 with your fraudulent identity covered-up by a virtual propaganda press, you are wrongly enabled to be the keeper of the keys of America’s nuclear arsenal; and you are Congressionally-enabled by EO 13489 to act outside the supreme law of the land (the US Constitution) while you conscientiously work to harm America’s body politic with your willful imposition of your innate foreign sympathies. This is wholly unacceptable.
Barry Soetoro-Obama, since you can never be a Constitutional President, you yourself cannot even pass E-verify,  and you are the target of a formal deportation petition, you and your leading sponsor, Nancy Pelosi (a political whore whose actions align with those of Mary Surratt and whose arrogance approaches that of  Elena Ceaușescu), will be making yourselves candidates for the gallows  for assassination of domestic fidelity, national security, and Constitutional correctness. Your continued failure to uphold representative Constitutional requirements is the modern-day equivalent of TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION, and our guilt-locked Congress has no Constitutional alternative except to defund and de-power your usurpation of the Oval Office!




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