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Who IS This Man? HE IS A FAKE!!

For over years now, We the People have been asking this question, “Who is this man?”  Today we are no closer to the answer than before.  In fact, we become more confused by the day.
Is his name Barack Hussein Obama II, as contended in two books arguably written by him and on a specious COLB presented to a gullible lamestream media on partisan blogs and campaign websites?  Or is his name Barack Obama Jr., as he was called in the infamous FactCheck blog defense of his British/Kenyan citizenship? Or is his name Barry Obama, as (it is claimed) he was known in school in Hawaii?   Or is his name Barry Soetoro, as school registration forms from Indonesia seem to indicate?  Or is his name Soebarkah, as his mother’s passport records seem to indicate?  (A one word name, in keeping with Indonesian tradition, because he was adopted by his stepfather.) Or is his name Barry Dunham, Steve Dunham, or the latest:  Barrack Houssein Obama II, as indicated on records from a U.S. MILITARY Court-Martial of patriotic American, LTC Lakin, who himself put his life and freedom on the line in a quest to learn the answer to this question:   WHO IS THIS MAN?
Link to the records; see for yourself:

Why would a transcript from a U.S. government court-martial refer to the president of the United States as Barrack Houssein Obama II?  Has anyone before seen that spelling of his name?  What does this court, this judge, know that We the People do not know?  Will this man answer our question:  WHO ARE YOU?
This is an open thread.  Feel free to comment at will.  I’d like to request, also, that anyone who can, please tell us what is represented on those gold drapes that this POTUS is so frequently photographed in front of.  In addition, can anyone familiar with Muslim names, please inform us as to the possible differences in meaning between Barack versus Barrack, and Hussein versus Houssein?

UPDATE,  9/15/2010.

I forgot this alias:  Barack Abdallah Husein Obama, kindly provided to us by this Tanzanian online newspaper.
Second UPDATE of the day:
Baracka Hussein Abu Amama from
They post that his mother changed  Abu Amama to Obama. Goodness gracious.  How many names do YOU have?
UPDATE 11/01/2010: We have yet another name for this person, “Wuod Sarah”, Dholuo for “the son of Sarah.”  In addition, persons who know Luo naming conventions have pointed out that his name, technically, should be Barack Hussein.  Just that.  No  Obama.
UPDATE 06/05/2011:   Lawyer Stephen Pidgeon claims that Barry’s name was changed to its current form from Barak Mounir Ubayd in British Columbia in 1982.
UPDATE 09/01/2011:  Researchers turned up an alias for Barry:  Harrison J. Bounel.  During the 2008 campaign, Obama was adopted by a Native American family (Crow) and given this name: Awe Kooda bilaxpak Kuuxshish
UPDATE 09/07/2011: h/t Kathy  and Gateway Pundit.  Gaddafi the tyrant of Libya wrote to Barry: “Our dear son, Excellency, Baraka Hussein Abu Oumama, your intervention in the name of the U.S.A. is a must, so that Nato (NATO) would withdraw finally from the Libyan affair.”  A commenter on another blog explained that Abu in Arabic means “the father of”, and Oumama refers to Obama’s daughters because it means the female children of Umama, the Arabic root of  Obama. Makes sense.  But here’s another name and it seems Gaddafi is tweaking him, doesn’t it?  What does Gaddafi know?  Strangely enough, the man who owned the home where Obama’s Uncle Omar lived when he was arrested for DUI and evading a deportation order is named Ouma.   This man also owned the home where Uncle Omar lived in 1987-1991, when the IRS placed a lien against Omar for non-payment of taxes.  So Mr. Ouma helped Omar for over twenty years. Is he kin?  Did he shorten his name to Ouma, a variation of Obama?
UPDATE: March 5, 2012:  When Obama appeared in a panel discussion with other Alinsky-lovers in 1998, his name was advertised on a poster as Senator BARAKA ObamaMinutes of a Board of Education from Paterson, NJ, where they talked about students being introduced to IL State Sen. Baraka Obama.  Now where did they get that spelling? h/t SEO.
UPDATE: April 17, 2012: Obama carved his name in cement near his school in Hawaii:  King Obama.
In a hearing before an administrative law judge, about Obama’s eligibility to be placed on the New Jersey primary ballot, Judge Jeff S. Maslin dismissed the complaint against Barak Obama (p. 7).  On the first two pages of the ruling, which seem to reprise the petitioners’ filing, Barack Obama is referred to as “the respondent” and “president”.  But which is his LEGAL name?   Does the judge know?  Is that why the judge used Barak, while the petitioners used Barack?
UPDATE: March 3, 2013: Obama apparently used the name Barack Soetoro at Columbia University, 2960 Broadway, in NYC.ARREST THIS MAN... HE IS A FRAUD!!!

  1. Barack Hussein Obama II
  2. Barack Obama Jr.
  3. Barry Obama
  4. Barry Soetoro
  5. Soebarkah
  6. Barry Dunham
  7. Steve Dunham
  8. Barrack Houssein Obama II     (U.S. Military   – Lakin)
  9. Barack Abdallah Husein Obama  (Tanzanian newspaper)
  10. Baracka Hussein Abu Amama  (Abu Amama changed to Obama)
  11. Barack Hussein
  12. Wuod Sarah -   (Dholuo for the “Son of Sarah”)
  13. Barak Mounir Ubayd  (Stephen Pidgeon – British Columbia)
  14. Harrison J. Bounel – (Name associated with SSN).
  15. Awe Kooda bilaxpak Kuuxshish – (Crow adoption)
  16. Baraka Hussein Abu Oumama  (Gaddafi, Libya)
  17. Baraka Obama  (Alinsky Poster -Breitbart)
  18. The One
  19.  Zero
  20. King Obama (written in cement by Obama)
  21. Barak Obama (NJ ALJ Jeff S. Maslin, ruling, p. 7)
  22. Barack Soetoro

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