Friday, July 20, 2012

Obama supports Outsourcing Exec... and hobnobbed with the 1% kissing ass for that $25,000 a plate fund raising meal.

Hours after "in-sourcer-in-chief" speech, Obama fund raises at "ruthless" out-sourcer's penthouse at $25,000 a pop event

Immediately after bashing Mitt Romney for allegedly out-sourcing American jobs overseas at Bain and claiming he wants "to be a pioneer in in-sourcing," yesterday Obama's motorcade sped to the luxury penthouse of former Dell exec Tom Meredith, on record as priding himself in being "ruthless" in cutting American jobs in Texas and other states, while preserving them in Asia to cut costs for Dell.
See Buzzfeed for more. One would think the media might be interested in reporting Obama's brazen hypocrisy but I guess not. They're too busy clamouring for Mitt Romney's old tax returns.
After giving a speech in Austin, Texas in which he decried Mitt Romney for overseeing companies that outsourced jobs, President Obama attended a fundraiser hosted by Tom Meredith, a former Dell executive who once oversaw outsourcing at his own company — and said he would be "ruthless" about cutting costs.

In 2001, while serving as senior vice president of Dell Computer Corp, Meredith defended plans to lay off between 3,000 and 4,000 employees — largely in Texas — while sparing about 4,000 jobs in Asia Pacific. When that strategy was reported by the tech press at the time Meredith defended the move.
"We will be ruthless in how we address our cost structure," Meredith said, a comment that drew wide attention at the time.

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