Thursday, July 5, 2012


ObamaCare Is A Mandatory Tax - Repeal it Now!
ALERT: The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that the individual mandate within the ObamaCare law, can survive as a TAX TAKEN FROM YOU BY THE IRS rather than a mandate. Chief Justice John Roberts authored the majority decision and joined the Court's liberal justices and by claiming it is a tax and not a mandate they will let it stand. Washington is not listening to America and States must Act to Stop ObamaCare.

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This Supreme Court decision flies in the face of the claim by Obama and his cronies in Congress that it is not a tax and was a mandate. Legislative history shows Congress passed ObamaCare claiming it was not a tax.

ObamaCare's government run socialized medicine is out of control. Doctors must now practice medicine according to government guidelines or else they will be sued and Americans will have the IRS taking money from your returns! Next we will be taxed for not eating government approved foods by medical edict.

All American families wanted before ObamaCare was affordable health care and insurance companies that would work side by side with doctors on medical procedures.

So far, the Senate has voted to repeal only a small part of ObamaCare. They voted to get rid of the tax reporting requirement that forces businesses to file a 1099 for every expense over $600. That would literally drown business owners (FYI Obama those are job creators) in paper work. Thankfully, that's gone. But that's only one piece of the deficit-busting bill that won't become law. Nullification is the last chance we have to get rid of ObamaCare.

Outrageously Obama and the Congress - YES, the same irresponsible Congress that raised the debt to a record $15 trillion, mandates that the "United States Preventative Services Task Force" wants to rate your medical services. Many services that get "Cs" and "Ds"--such as screening for ovarian or testicular cancer--could get terminated from coverage entirely and doctors must comply. However as long as doctors treat patients according to Obama's orders they will have immunity from malpractice lawsuits.

Think about it. The government could order doctors to give patients subpar treatments or refuse treatment all together. After all, no doctor wants to get sued. And if you do not comply the Supreme Court says you will get taxed.

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Healthcare access will be in short supply as doctors will be in scarce supply even if you can afford to find one. A Physicians Foundation Survey revealed that 40% of doctors plan to drop out of the medical field entirely! 60% said that government run healthcare will "compel them to close or significantly restrict their practices to certain categories of patients." That means Americans on Medicare or Medicaid will find it virtually impossible to receive adequate healthcare.

There is no time to waste. It's imperative that we repeal ObamaCare NOW! The liberals are doing everything they can to stop efforts to repeal ObamaCare. The House has voted 245-189 to repeal the unconstitutional law. But Harry Reid is blocking the legislation from going to the Senate. He said a Senate vote would be a waste of time because Americans want ObamaCare!

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Supreme Court Justice Nominee Elena Kagan helped craft and defend socialist healthcare while she was Obama's Solicitor General when ObamaCare by-passed a final Senate vote to make it law. Now the court has changed the law into a tax and ObamaCare was upheld by the Supreme Court that Kagan refuses to recues herself from even though her vote was clearly biased.

Enough is enough! It's time we get rid of ObamaCare before it bankrupts our country and ruins our healthcare system. Spending $3 trillion dollars to reduce the standard of healthcare in America makes no sense. That is why it's so critical we hammer Congress to repeal ObamaCare - right away!


Defend America,

Alan M. Gottlieb
Chairman, AmeriPAC

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