Tuesday, May 1, 2018

EXPOSED. Comey And Mueller Had Private Conversations on Tactics Days After He Was Fired



Comey And Mueller Had Private Conversations Days After He Was Fired

Now will Jeff Sessions look into this Collusion? Demand that Jeff Sessions fire Mueller! There is a Huge Conflict of Interest for Mueller.

The corruption allegations of the special counsel’s ‘legal team’ received more evidence as conversations were reported during the eight day gap between the firing and the appointment.

Jeff Sessions knows that this has nothing to do with the Russia Collusion that he recused himself from. This is plain BLACK LETTER LAW!. If Sessions does not fire Mueller he is either a POLITICAL EUNUCH or a Deep State State Trojan Horse. Time to call him out!

Comey’s own personal security detail ratted him out with hard evidence proving the corruption allegations that have been floating around for months.

Over the weekend, Trump-supporting top officials at the Federal Bureau of Investigation spouted a fountain of leaks sure to rival the earthshaking power of Yellowstone’s Steamboat Geyser. The whole Russia “collusion” collaboration seems to have been blown wide open. James Comey was on the phone with his old pal Robert Mueller hours after being fired by President Trump. The former Director of the FBI then privately colluded and conspired with Mueller for an entire week before Mueller was appointed Independent Counsel.

Comey’s own personal security detail ratted him out with hard evidence, confirming allegations that the Russian probe is a corrupt witch hunt. At the end of the newly infamous “eight-day gap,” during which the conspiracy was plotted in retaliation, Mueller was appointed Grand Inquisitor and started gathering firewood to burn President Trump at the stake.

That is something Comey failed to mention in his recent “tell-all” book.

“High-level FBI sources” are spilling their guts about Comey’s flight home from Los Angeles in disgrace. “Insiders with direct knowledge” warmed things up by divulging confidential details of the in-flight phone call that Comey made to Mueller from his DOJ chartered Gulfstream.

Mueller never disclosed any talks with Comey either. Especially none occurring in the eight days that elapsed between Comey’s termination and Mueller’s appointment as Special Counsel to lead the Trump-Russia investigation.

The only people besides Comey and Mueller who could possibly know of the clandestine call on May 9, are five male FBI agents, who were part of the ex-Director’s security detail, and the civilian flight crew. The Justice Department chartered the twin-engine “Aerospace” from a private corporation.

Exactly a week after Comey flew home from the Los Angeles field office after being dismissed, his leak about rear-end covering memos was published by the New York Times. He led the press to believe he had proof that President Trump asked him to “rig the Michael Flynn investigation.”

Comey never expected his memos to actually see the light of day. He made the determination himself that some of them were classified. Now that they were made public, they prove no such thing ever happened.

Hours after the article based on Comey’s classified, misleading information, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller as U.S. Special Counsel. The move was made specifically to show the American public they can “have full confidence in the outcome.”

Because of all the public interest, someone “who exercises a degree of independence from the normal chain of command,” Rosenstein explained, must head the investigation. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was not in charge because he exercised an abundance of caution and “recused himself.”

Federal law forbids individual DOJ officials from investigating any political campaign that they participated in and Sessions helped campaign for President Trump. What nobody knew until now is that Mueller was hand-picked to lead the probe in the direction they wanted it to go, against President Trump.

Nobody said a word about the hours Comey and the so-called “independent investigator” had their heads together plotting the best way to do in Donald Trump. Rosenstein didn’t even run the idea past Sessions before announcing the decision Mueller had been hired.
That was a busy week for the FBI branch of the Hillary Clinton fan club. They worked out their “next moves” quietly, behind the scenes.
Even though the first thing that Mueller did after being appointed was coach Comey on what to tell the Senate Intelligence Committee, not a single lawmaker has asked him if he talked to Mueller before his appointment.

Just the fact the grand inquisitor himself was advising Comey on how to answer congressional questions is suspicious all by itself.
Looking back with the 20-20 vision of hindsight, it appears that Comey leaked his memos at Mueller’s suggestion, virtually engineering Mueller’s subsequent Special Counsel appointment.

Lisa Page and Peter Strzok may have been part of Comey’s “legal team” at the time. We already know that the lovers exchanged Trump hate tweets and came up with some kind of “insurance policy” in Deputy FBI Director “Andy” McCabe’s office.
Comey’s second in command was just as nervous as they were. By then it was obvious that President Trump had a viable chance of getting elected.

Comey and Mueller “are career bureaucrats and very slick,” one of the sources warns. “They both know the system’s ins and outs and on top of that, they are friends.”

As Comey sat under the hot lights for grilling by the Senate, over and over again he told the committee how well Robert Mueller would fit the job description of investigating the new President on charges of election tampering with Russian help.

“Bob Mueller is one of this country’s great pros and I’m sure you’ll be able to work it out with him to run it in parallel,” he testified.
Just because he worked together with Mueller since the early ‘90’s and the fact they are close friends is no reason to think the recommendation could be, in any way, biased. In his book, Comey tries very hard to shove Mueller off at arm’s length. Even though the two shared dinners and played golf, “he and I are not close friends.”
They may not be close, but Comey called Mueller before he called his wife, someone on the plane security detail says. Now we wait for the letters followed by subpoenas for “any and all” phone or email records for both Comey and Mueller that week.


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