Thursday, March 8, 2018

Why Facebook, Twitter and Google among other Silicon Valley companies do not like The American Republic

I know why Facebook, Twitter and Google among other Silicon Valley companies do not like The American Republic!

These Companies were started up by a hodge podge of White and Brown guys.. but the majority hired below them are mostly immigrants and third worlders who have always had "America Envy". The envy manifests itself in trying to knock down what made America Great!

The Industrial Revolution was a European Phenomenon. It increased the wealth of working man in Europe and America!

This disparity with the rest of the world for over 50 years created global envy of Europe and America.

Then an immigrant class who were legally let into the Country as H1B Visa workers began to arrive in the US. They were smart, Mathematically Proficient and could write computer code etc. These folks despise The America we are!
The simple common immigrant who buys a 7-11 or a Gas Station may have similar envy but most do not. They want a piece of the American dream. They work hard and do not in most cases try to tear down America.

But the Programmer class who came in during the 1990's and 2000 have envy and hate! They live on the Coasts in incubator bubbles of Leftist hate.

The Bay Area
Los Angeles
New York

They are willing working for their Silicon Valley masters.. the Socialist Oligopolists who feed them the Bullshit on their Computer campuses and they become indoctrinated to replicate the Third World Censorship they were used to, in their Home Countries.

The Black Victim Whores feed the anger with their own sorry stories and so they all jointly believe that white is evil and are the face of the Oppressor and Brown and Black are the victims.


They cannot see beyond their little petty shells. They cannot see that the Opportunity of America is made of Building blocks of Ideas of past Generations of workers who brought America to this point not be torn down and re constituted.

We can either stop them or they stop us!

Decide now! Tomorrow will be too late!

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