Tuesday, January 23, 2018

                                  THE DACA CON:

SHOCK REPORT: 3.6 Million DREAMERS in US — Will Flip Florida, Arizona, Georgia, and North Carolina From Red to Blue! THAT IS THE PLAN.

DO YOU KNOW : A recent study of DACA Dreamers found that most of these new Democrat voters reside in Republican states.

SHOCK REPORT: 3.6 Million DREAMERS in US — Will Flip Florida, Arizona, Georgia, and North Carolina From Red to Blue!

A recent study of DACA Dreamers found that most of these new Democrat voters reside in Republican states.
Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Democrats are determined to pass amnesty for this group of illegal aliens.

And today a NEW REPORT found that there are actually 3.6 MILLION DREAMERS IN THE UNITED STATES!
According to previous numbers the DREAMER populations would put several states in play.
But that was with an original estimate of around 800,000 DREAMERS in the US.
This new report GUARANTEES that Florida, Arizona, Georgia and North Carolina will ALL TURN BLUE!
And TEXAS will be in play!
According to USCIS — with the 800,000 original number — there are significant populations in blue states:
379,000 Dreamers in California (a deep blue state)
30,000 in Washington
72,000 in Illinois
71,000 in New York
38,000 in New Jersey
30,000 in Colorado

And according to USCIS there are also significant numbers of Dreamer illegals in several red states:
211,000 in Texas
47,000 in Arizona
72,000 in Florida
41,000 in Georgia
47,000 in North Carolina

In 2016 President Trump won these red states by the following amounts:
Texas – 807,179
Arizona – 91,234
Florida – 112,911
Georgia – 211,141
North Carolina – 173,315
President Trump was a very strong Republican candidate collecting more Republican votes than anyone in history.
DACA amnesty could give Arizona, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina to the Democrat Party.

Democrats don’t want you to know is that this is not a debate about 800K DACA DREAMers, this is about 3.6 million DREAMer illegals who, should they receive citizenship and take advantage of chain migration could easily account for up to 35 or 40 million new “immigrants,” pouring across our borders and becoming good voting Democrats.
The number of people who are at risk of filling the Democrat voting registry is not widely known in large part because Democrats and establishment GOP, like a good magician, have kept you focused on the right hand which has 800 thousand DACA illegals while the left hand is busy trying to sweep in 3.6 million DREAMers, under our noses with the other hand. The 800 thousand number is just those DREAMers who have been accepted into the illegal Obama Regime Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.
This smaller subset of DREAMers is in the national spotlight as a result of President Trump Terminating the patently illegal DACA program, which even Obama admitted he did not have the legal authority to institute. Trump instead said that if Congress wanted to maintain DACA they needed to do it the right way and pass legislation.
House Majority Whip Rep Steny Hoyer, (D-MD) reminded us that this is not a “distinction without a difference.” While many politicians use DREAMer and DACA interchangeably the terms represent very different numbers of illegal aliens.
The term DREAMers got their name from the “Dream Act, a bill that has been bouncing around in Congress since 2001 but has never passed, that would protect the large group of Illegals here in the U.S.
The 3.6 million estimates of illegal aliens brought to the U.S. before their 18th birthday comes from the leftist Migration Policy Institute (MPI) a so-called non-partisan, non-profit think tank that studies global migration patterns. According to the MPI that is nearly a third of all illegal aliens in the country. Sadly, that too is a dramatic understatement. The real number of illegals in this country is estimated by some to be as high as 30 to 40 million.
This huge number of DREAMers well hidden by the left raises the stakes for both sides in the dispute over whether to deport DREAMers or allow them to stay with a path to citizenship and voting. Ali Noorani director of the MPI said, "At a time when our economy is growing and our labor market is extremely tight, these are all folks of working age who have skills to immediately contribute," Noorani said. "We would be spending billions of dollars to remove folks who have the potential to help the country grow."
Of course, none of that is anywhere close to the truth. There are a handful of markets where the economy has improved to the point where labor markets are tightening but none is “worker starved” and most markets are still overstocked with workers. Secondly, these illegals are far from skilled workers. Most have no skills or entry level skills at best and replace American entry level workers because they are willing to work for less. Additionally, many of these DREAMers still do not speak English and would flood the welfare rolls in their states.
On the other side or more accurately more to the "center" is Mark Krikorian, executive director for the Center for Immigration Status, which favors lower levels of immigration. He argues for only extending protections for the 800,000 in DACA. "It's not like they're entitled to anything, but prudence suggests an extraordinary act of mercy," he said. "Amnesty is warranted for them alone, at least this time."
Notice the words at least "at this time." That is the same song and dance we always get. What about next time and the time after that?. Seems Democrats are expert at misdirection, giving us the hidden tax without the budget reduction, the amnesty without security, and more people seeking jobs without the deregulation and tax incentives to make it happen.
In exchange for DREAMer amnesty and a path to citizenship which even many Republicans don’t yet know if that means 800 thousand DACA illegals or 3.6 million DREAMers, conservatives want enhanced border security, the wall, the end of a diversity visa lottery program for people from third-world and often lawless and violent countries, including several from Africa nations, and an end to chain migration which would flood the US with tens of millions of unchecked, unverified immigrants.
Of course, it is easy to dredge up anecdotal evidence of the cruel effects on people brought here illegally having their lives uprooted, but the truth is millions of illegals living here and suddenly being given citizenship and voting rights would change the balance of power in favor of the Democrats and almost guarantee their ownership of both houses of congress and the White House. And that is what this DREAMer argument is really all about.
But the Democrat demands they laughingly call “negotiations” for the DREAMers have not gone well for one simple reason. The Democrats are demanding a 100% win … period. They are not willing to negotiate on the border wall, chain migration or the length of the path to citizenship. They demand immediate amnesty and offer only a vague promise about talks later on border security, the Schumer Visa Lottery, which has proven a doorway for terrorists to come to the US, and chain migration. President Trump has made it clear to Democrats and RINOs like Lindsey Graham that such one-sided bullying will not work and is a nonstarter.
Finally, while the Democrats are wringing their hands over the poor illegals here is a story maybe you should hear from a real soldier’s wife. This is what she wrote to us. Her husband is in Afghanistan on another tour. She is in cold weather country and has two young children at home. Soldiers make very little money and live paycheck to paycheck. In fact, an E4 (Corporal) makes about $2000 per month. A sergeant with more than a decade in makes about $3,000 per month. Here is what she wrote.
And Boom just like that. Bob (name changed) in Afghanistan still has to work but we may not get paid.
No, my anxiety level is not off the charts right now but growing quickly.
So if y'all see me selling everything I own in Feb. You will know it is to pay bills. Anyone want to adopt an Army family?



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  2. Orrrrr...heres another way to look at those same numbers: 800,000 DACAS who played by the rules at least to the point of signing up to the offer. 2,800,000 who Didn't and are therefore out in the cold at the time any sort of legal status is offered. Trump is talking about "DACA", the first group, not "dreamers", the second group. So it would/could hypothetically be "buh-byes" to thst 2.8M & their family members as the bunch of 8 USC 1324 violators that they are.

    Now out of that 800K who did sign up, the numbers I've seen say that @50% have run ins with the law. Ergo, they're gone when it's time to winnow the applicants. Among this same groups are a "60%" who are on some sort of gooberment aid. In commiefornia the number is @ 70%. Hypothetically, they're gone too once the cash cow is removed. That drops the 2.6M to 300k-400k.

    But from a legal standpoint, under 8 USC 1324,0zero & anybody else aiding & abetting should be jailed as felons for so doing