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So Where did DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson Get Five Hundred Grand to Donate to the DNC? HINT ISLAMIC TIES!


(Appointed by Bill Clinton first then Obama!)


But..during the years when Republicans controlled the levers of power, Mr. Homeland Security Chief... Jeh Johnson worked for a law firm that represented the Guantanamo Bay detainees — very vigorously

That law firm was Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison whose attorneys went so far as to smuggle in materials to the detainees. 

“If I’d gotten caught passing war news to detainees,” one former DOD official said, “my security clearance would have been pulled.”

Paul, Weiss lawyers have played key roles in facilitating the release of inmates accused of committing acts of terrorism. Jeh Johnson was an active Lawyer in the firm.

The firm has been at the center of efforts to free Guantanamo inmates and in 2006 was responsible for causing a “serious breach of security” at the prison camp when it was caught sending Arabic-language literature that encouraged prisoners to claim they were being tortured, according to reports.

The 18-page brochure, produced by Amnesty International, reportedly “portrayed America and its allies as waging a campaign of torture against Muslims around the globe,” according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

It was discovered in the cell of a former inmate, Majeed Abdullah Al Joudi, an accused al Qaeda member who was freed from the prison in 2007 and sent to Saudi Arabia.

Once security personnel at the prison discovered the brochure, Al Joudi claimed that his lawyer, Julia Tarver Mason, a Paul, Weiss partner, had sent it to him. An investigation determined that the brochure was passed to at least a dozen other inmates, constituting what the camp’s former commander, Jay Hood, called a “serious breach of security.”

The investigation further discovered that Mason had mailed the brochure to inmates using a privileged document categorization that prevents security personnel from screening the mail, a potential violation of a law that prohibits lawyers from providing clients with information pertaining to military operations and current events.

Paul, Weiss lawyers were banned from Guantanamo as a result of its actions, though the firm sued the government and later regained its access to the prison.

Additionally, Paul, Weiss lawyers along with Jeh Johnson won the release of at least two accused terrorists being held at Guantanamo, including Al Joudi and Yousef Al Shehri, who later resumed his tied with terrorists and was killed in a shootout after being freed from the prison.

The relationship between Paul, Weiss and the Clinton family stretches back years. Employees of the firm have donated more than $276,000 to Clinton’s political campaign, political action committees, and the Ready For Hillary Super PAC, according to financial disclosures.

The law firm has also donated to the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Health Access Initiative.

This relationship has benefited Paul, Weiss employees, some of whom served under Clinton during her tenure as the secretary of state.

Todd Stern, a former Paul, Weiss employee, was appointed as Clinton’s special envoy for climate change and also served in Bill Clinton’s presidential administration.

Jeh Johnson, the current secretary of Homeland Security, was a former Paul, Weiss Lawyer and was first appointed general counsel of the Department of the Air Force by Bill Clinton in 1998.

Two other former Paul, Weiss employees, Paul Bender and Melissa Prober, currently work as counselors at the Clinton Foundation.

This week has seen the release of many incriminating documents from the Democratic National Convention (DNC), via Wikileaks’ so-called “Guccifer 2.0.”  

The authenticity of these documents is in some question, as they passed through the hands of an outfit which has alleged Russian ties.  Hackers are in the business of violating people’s expectations of privacy in unethical ways, and the interests of foreign powers are not necessarily aligned with the interests of the United States.  

 America was founded with a system of checks and balances intended to prevent one branch of government from becoming too powerful.  That was true both within the Federal government, where the three branches are balanced against each other, and between the Federal government and the states.  Those systems of checks and balances have become increasingly compromised by unethical behavior within the Federal government, such as the IRS scandal.  

It has been further compromised by the increased centralization of power that has tipped the balance away from the states and toward the central, Federal, government.  We are less likely to see our own system performing adequately to check centralized power, and thus might consider external checks such as that provided by a foreign power with opposing interests to our administration’s.
There is a prima facie reason to take the charges seriously pending an investigation but we all know that as long as Obam and Hillary run the Executive Branch there will be none!

The corruption of the American administration creates several problems.  If high posts are for sale, you know that the positions are occupied by people who have ulterior motives.  

Worse, though, they might be bought by the wrong people. Anti America Values people. The sale of high offices allows a means of influence on our government that is not accountable to the people, especially given that it was handled secretly — and by a political party, not a formal branch of government.

For example, consider the case of Department of Homeland Security czar Jeh Johnson.  Johnson is a career public servant.  Yet he was able to come up with over half a million dollars in cash to donate to the DNC — and then “feigned disbelief” when he got the job of leading the Homeland Security agency.

How has he used this post?  Johnson decided to appear at the conference of a known Muslim Brotherhood front organization, while “fully aware” of its terrorist ties.
As CJ first reported Sunday, ISNA had been considered off-limits to such high-level appearances since the U.S. Justice Department in 2008 designated the group as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorist financing case in U.S. history and a front organization for the radical Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood.

Johnson’s spokesman Neema Hakim told CJ that, despite ISNA’s terrorist ties and radical background, Johnson agreed to appear at the event because he considered it an “opportunity” to conduct outreach with the American Muslim community.

“DHS and the secretary are fully aware of past evidence and allegations concerning ISNA and carefully considered them before accepting ISNA’s invitation,” Hakim said.

While there, he shared a stage with a Holocaust denier and a known leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Nor was this the only occasion on which he has made moves amenable to the Brotherhood. In June, he testified before Congress admitting that his agency had scrubbed references to Islam from counter-terror materials that they produced.  He claimed to have “no idea” how that happened.

Earlier in June, Johnson downplayed the role of a radical Islamist community in the Pulse nightclub shootings.  He said that shooter Omar Mateen “was ‘self-radicalized’ without any religious, ideological or operational support from friends, family or others in the Muslim community.”  Yet it turned out that Mateen had ties to a known radical imam, one who had served as a bodyguard for the “blind sheikh” who carried out the first World Trade Center attacks.  Perhaps it was worth considering that Mateen might have targeted the gay nightclub in part because of the harsh language his mentor used towards “f****ts” in America, and Islam’s duty towards them?

So where did Jeh Johnson get all that money.  How does  a Civil Servant come up with $500K to donate to eh DNC????  Yes.. he is a career public servant.

I believe with the circumstantial evidence available to any logical reporter that he was paid off and used the money to secure the position to serve his masters!

Then followed by his subsequent support of Brotherhood outlets, or the Brotherhood’s agenda it is only logical to assume the source.


Update: Department of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson spoke on Monday in Sterling, Virginia at the All Dulles Area Muslim Society—or the ADAMS Center.

In his formal remarks, Johnson explained:
My message today is this: In responding to this new environment, we must not vilify American Muslims. We must not throw a net of suspicion over American Muslims and an entire religion.  We must not force American Muslims to run and hide, and retreat to the shadows. This would be counter to our homeland security efforts, and it is un-American.

Jeh Johnson’s Radical Family Tree Is Why He Supports Illegal Immigration, All Muslims

Jeh Johnson addressed the Green Foundation at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri in early November and told them about his grandfather being dragged before the House Committee on Un-American activities. His grandfather’s experience is the reason he gave for supporting illegal immigration.

He repeated the story on December 7th while giving a joint presser with Muslims at the controversial Adams Center toe how solidarity.
The Adam center’s religious director, Imam Mohamed Magid, serves as a leading member of an Islamic organization long suspected of having ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

Johnson said the following as the reason for his support of Muslims:
“In 1949, during the McCarthy era, my own grandfather was called upon to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee, to deny he was a member of the Communist Party and defend the patriotism of African-Americans,” Johnson said.
“Today his grandson is responsible for the homeland security of this entire nation,” he boasted.

He likened the current climate of “fear, suspicions and prejudice” against Muslim immigrants to the Red scare and McCarthyism his grandfather, Charles S. Johnson, lived under in the 1940s and 1950s.
I don’t know if you can compare this situation to the fear of communists who were very real. They now infest many of our colleges.

In the book, Charles S. Johnson: Leadership beyond the Veil in the Age of Jim Crow, Patrick Gilpin describes Jeh Johnson’s grandfather as an ardent civil liberties and a secret closet communist sympathizer.. One could also derive from the book that Johnson had ties to the communist party and was an enabler of communists.

He was affiliated with the National Sharecroppers’ Fund which was a front for the communist party. Johson’s strong defense of civil liberties extended to communists. He hired them and fought for them while serving as president of Fisk University.

Giovanni Lomanitz was known to be a communist operative and he hired him. He also spoke in his behalf. Johnson did it again with communist Lee Lorch who he only fired after immense pressure was put on him.

If Johnson wasn’t a communist, he sure knew a lot of them.  Johnson was thought to be a communist.






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