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Hillary Pneumonia Scam to get out of debates! She has Parkinsons and she cannot stand the Debate Heat!

Story Changes Again, Now Hillary's Doctor Claims She Has Pneumonia. Yeah Right!

UNQUALIFIED TO BE COMMANDER IN CHIEF... HACKING HILLARY.. HAS A NEW STORY! Story Changes Again, Now Hillary's Doctor Claims She Has Pneumonia. Yeah Right! Now she can hide and practice ( if she is going to debate .. and have a good excuse why she is not campaigning! ) Shame on the whole FREAKING PRESS FRO COVERING UP THE DIRTY SECRET.. HILLARY HAS PARKINSONS!

Having stated that her coughing fit last week was due to her suffering from seasonal allergies, and that this morning's fainting episode was due to 'overheating', the Clinton campaign now once again changed the constantly changing narrative, releasing a shocking statement by Hillary's doctor, according to which she was diagnosed pneumonia on Friday, which in turn made her "dehydrated."
As CBS writes, Hillary's campaign did not immediately explain why the Democratic nominee did not reveal the pneumonia diagnosis prior to the Sunday incident, raising questions of transparency. This is what her spox said earlier: “Secretary Clinton attended the September 11th Commemoration Ceremony for just an hour and thirty minutes this morning to pay her respects and greet some of the families of the fallen.  During the ceremony, she felt overheated so departed to go to her daughter’s apartment, and is feeling much better.” We read it twice: no mention of pneumonia. So when the entire Clinton campaign fell like a ton of bricks on anyone hinting the presidential candidate was unwell after her dramatic coughing fits last week, what word best describes this?  And then why did it take two days since Friday for this Doctor Bardack to reveal Clinton's medical condition? Five more questions:
  1. Hillary made her infamous "basket of deplorables" comments at a Barbra Streisand fundraiser on Friday night - the same night she was supposedly diagnosed with pneumonia: why go to a fundraiser if sick, especially since pneumonia is contagious.
  2. Hillary has had a nasty, documented cough since January - why did it take 9 months to diagnose this?
  3. If Hillary has pneumonia, and passed out at an event, - why was she taken to her daughter's apartment and not a hospital? After all, she was as of today aware of her Friday diagnosis. 
  4. After coming out of Chelsea's apartment, why did Hillary says she "felt great" - as of this morning she was aware she had Pneumonia; why not admit the truth for once to the public?
  5. After coming out of Chelsea's apartment a young girl ran up to Hillary for a quick picture - again, knowing she had been diagnosed with pneumonia why would Hillary expose this young girl to her illness? "pneumonia is contagious?"
  6. Does pneumonia typically require neurological testing?

"Squeeze my fingers" is a neurological test.#HillarysHealth — Deplorable Paul (@smellyfed) September 11, 2016

This story smells so bad, that even the left-leaning media is upset at the Clinton campaign:

This is the first Clinton's press corps is hearing of her pneumonia. Unclear if we'd have been told if not for this morning's incident. — Gabriel Debenedetti (@gdebenedetti) September 11, 2016

Lesson for the next 4 years: whatever the question is, never believe the first answer from the Hillary Clinton White House. — David Frum (@davidfrum) September 11, 2016

Well, pneumonia. That's serious. Campaign kept it hidden Fri/Sat/Sun. No wonder the crazies get traction. Dems are pros at losing elections. — Michael Moore (@MMFlint) September 11, 2016

If a potential president is sick, the public has a right to know. That's just the way this works. — Gabriel Debenedetti (@gdebenedetti) September 11, 2016

It makes one wonder why something as simple as her not being well has to be lied about, covered up, spun, and then propagandized? A distraction from her 'deplorable' comments? Perhaps, but one thing is for sure, all those mainstream media types damning conspiracy-theorists over health concerns are now silenced. We wonder if now Hillary will blame her (non-GAAP) pneumonia for having to back out of the upcoming debates, and finally, with credibility in anything Hillary says no non-existent, would it be too much to ask for an independent verification of her rapidly changing medical condition especially since nobody knows what is going on, and whom to believe any more.  So lets ask Dr. Bardack.. what kind of pneumonia does Hillary have? Its contagious.. and if she did have it why the HELL DID SHE HOLD A LITTLE CHILD FOR THE PHOTO OP? IS Dr. Bardack the quack or the shill allowing a child to be exposed to pneumonia just so Hillary can get a photo op? Here is info on Pneumonia

Is Pneumonia Contagious?

Infections often affect the upper respiratory system, causing sore throat, runny nose, cough and fever. However, when the infection affects the lungs, which are part of the lower respiratory system, you could develop pneumonia. Pneumonia can occur in anyone, but it is most likely to affect people with weak immune systems such as the elderly, young children, chronic smokers, and alcoholics. You may be concerned about contracting pneumonia if someone you know has it. Here is some information about the different causes, symptoms, and treatments for pneumonia and how you can avoid getting it.

Is Pneumonia Contagious?

Pneumonia is a respiratory infection and is commonly caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi. These types of pneumonia can be contagious. However, in some cases, it may also result from inhaled chemical or toxic substances that affect the lungs. In these less common cases, pneumonia is less likely to affect other people not exposed to the chemical substances or to spread from person to person. Pneumonia could be contagious if the viruses or bacteria causing the lung infection contaminate another person through droplet infection, the most common form of transmission. When an infected person coughs or sheds the bacteria or viruses in the air, anyone who inhales these pathogens may catch the infection and develop a respiratory tract infection within a few days. However, your risk of getting an infection may depend on your immune system and the type of microorganisms involved. Some pathogens are highly contagious and people with weakened immune function are more likely to catch the disease.

How Long Is Pneumonia Contagious?

Bacterial pneumonia becomes less contagious when a sick individual has taken antibiotic treatment for about 1-2 days. However, for some bacteria, such as those causing tuberculosis, it may take at least 2 weeks of treatment before a person becomes less contagious. People with viral pneumonia become less contagious after their symptoms recede. However, coughing may persist for several weeks even if one is not contagious anymore.

Different Kinds of Pneumonia and Whether They Are Contagious

Bacterial Pneumonia

Bacteria can cause different types of pneumonia such as streptococcal pneumonia (most common in adults), chlamydophila pneumonia, and H. influenza type Bpneumonia (most common in children). Common signs and symptoms of bacterial pneumonia include:
  • High fever
  • Cough with colored phlegm
  • Chills
  • Chest pain when breathing deeply or coughing
  • Rapid breathing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Loss of appetite
Is pneumonia contagious? Yes, and bacterial pneumonia can become serious, causing severe symptoms in those affected.

Walking Pneumonia

This occurs when you have a mild bacterial pneumonia, causing symptoms similar to those of a common cold, such as:
  • Low-grade fever
  • Persistent dry cough (worse at night)
  • Fatigue /tiredness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Loss of appetite
Is walking pneumonia contagious? It is less serious than a full-blown infection, but it is still possible to spread the bacteria through droplet infection.

Viral Pneumonia

Viral pneumonia is more common in young children. It may get better within 3 weeks, but can increase their risk of developing a secondary bacterial pneumonia. Symptoms are similar to flu, with a dry cough, fever, and headache. Symptoms get worse within the first 2 days. Adults may develop sore throat, muscle pains and loss of appetite. Causes of viral pneumonia include the flu virus and the respiratory syncytial virus. Is pneumonia contagious? Yes, viruses can easily spread in the air from a sick individual to other people. In fact, viruses are the more common cause of respiratory infection compared to bacteria and fungi.

Fungal Pneumonia

There are three common types of fungi that can cause pneumonia:
  • Coccidioides
  • Histoplasma
  • Cryptococcus
Most people inhale fungi but do not get sick. However, with a weak immune system, you may develop fungal pneumonia. Symptoms include fever, dry cough, fatigue and shortness of breath. Is pneumonia contagious? In this case no. However, the symptomsare often more severe because of the individual’s impaired immune function.

Aspiration Pneumonia

Aspiration pneumonia develops when a person inhales food or foreign objects into their lungs, causing the entry of bacteria to the lower respiratory tract. It is a life-threatening condition that requires aggressive treatment, but not contagious.

What to Do If You Have Pneumonia

Consult your doctor if you experience persistent fever (102°F /39°C or higher), persistent cough, chest pain, difficulty breathing, or if there is pus in your phlegm. People who are at high risk of developing pneumonia should see a doctor right away. They include:
  • Children below 2 years old
  • Adults over 65 years of age
  • People with weakened immune systems or underlying disease
  • Patients receiving chemotherapy or medications that suppress immune system functions
Note: Pneumonia can be life-threatening especially in patients who have chronic lung or heart problems.

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  1. bilateral Pneumonia is very Dangerous because it can effect both lungs and is-pneumonia-contagious too there is many theories about that but Hilary caught by this disease i hope it will get more in news so people will get to know about disease symptoms and how to get rid of it.