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History / Timeline

To better understand the Federal Reserve it is important to understand that the creation of a central bank has long been the plan from international bankers. After many failed attempts it wasn’t until 1913 that the bankers finally accomplished their goal.
Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes her laws.
Mayer Amschel Rothschild

Bank of England Established

The Bank of England was one of the first central banks and served as a model for how to the Federal Reserve would operate. Throughout the history of America, the same families who controlled Britain through the Bank of England worked to control America the exact same way.

Colonial Scrip Issued in Colonies

One of the earlier currencies issued in the colonies was the debt free Colonial Scrip. During the issuance of this currency no taxes were necessary and the economy ran relatively smooth.

Rothschild Banking Dynasty Established

Mayer Amschel Rothschild establishes one of the largest banking dynasties ever. The Rothschilds went on to become the prominent banking family of the 19th century. It has been said that "the wealth of Rothschild consists of the bankruptcy of nations".

British Currency Act Forbids American Colonies from Issuing Currency

After seeing the success of the Colonial Script Britain decided to issue the Currency Act in 1764 which forbid the colonies from issuing their own money.

American Revolution

One of the main causes leading up to the American Revolution, contrary to popular belief, was the control Britain had over the money supply of the colonies. America was founded by protesting control over the money by foreign hands.

Hamilton convinces Washington on The First Bank of the United States

Washington, not being the best economist, was persuaded by Hamilton to issue the first central bank in the US. Almost immediately after the creation of the US international bankers were already working their way in.

5 Rothschild sons spread out across Europe

Each of the 5 sons spread out to establish banks in the following European cities: London, Paris, Vienna, Naples and Frankfurt.

The Bank of the United States Charter Runs Out

After 20 years The First Bank of the US charter runs out and it comes to an end.

War of 1812

The War of 1812 is primarily fought because the US failed to renew the charter for The First Bank of the United States.

Nathan Rothschild takes over financial control of Britain

After the Battle of Waterloo Nathan Rothschild was able to buy up a large portion of the Bank of England and establish the Rothschild family as major players behind world financial control.

Second Bank of US Established

5 years after the end of the First Bank of the US charter a 2nd one is started once again.

Biddle VS Jackson on bank

Towards the end of the 2nd Bank of the US charter the powerful banker Nicolas Biddle uses every financial trick in his book to keep Andrew Jackson from putting an end to the bank. Eventually Andrew Jackson comes out victorious and is able to put an end to the 2nd national bank of the US.

National Debt Paid Off

Shortly after Jackson stops the 2nd national bank, the US national debt is paid off for the first time and only time in its history.

Jackson Assassination Attempt

An assassination is attempted on Andrew Jackson. It's fairly obvious to understand why.

Rise of Morgan

Junius S. Morgan (J.P. Morgan’s father) joins forces with London-based George Peabody & Co. to establish the House of Morgan banking establishment. His son J.P. Morgan, a front-man for the Rothschilds, goes on to finance many industries in America and becomes one of the largest American bankers of the late 1800’s.

American Civil War

Once again, the world financiers set up another war to try to divide America and take over financial control. A war-time income tax was also used for the first time in America, modeled after a British system of income taxation.

Lincoln Issues Greenbacks

Abe catches on to the banker's plan to loan America money at 19% interest during the war and issues Greenbacks from the Treasury instead.
April 15, 1865

Lincoln Assassinated

Lincoln is Assassinated. Some people say that John Wilkes Booth was a front-man used by the international bankers.
1870s - 1900s

Rise of Rockefeller

Through the financial efforts of J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller establishes the largest oil company in the world. This vast wealth would eventually solidify a close partnership between the House of Morgan and the House of Rockefeller. The Rockefellers go on to become the 20th century Morgans in America, closely aligned with the Rothschilds of course.

Rise of Schiff

During this time Jacob Schiff also becomes a major financier in America. Once again, he is closely linked to the Rothschilds.

Gilded Age

With a good 20 or so years of relatively free markets and no central bank America experiences one of the largest growth periods ever.
July 2, 1881

President James Garfield Assassinated

President Garfield openly stated that whoever controls the supply of currency would control the business and activities of all the people. President Garfield was shot at a railroad station after only 4 months in office.

Panic of 1907

With all their American players in place, the international bankers engineer another staged panic in order to establish yet another central bank in America.

Secret Meeting at Jekyll Island

High level European and American bankers and politicians have a secret meeting at Jekyll Island in order to discuss the details of how the new central bank, The Federal Reserve, will be established.

Woodrow Wilson put into office

Woodrow Wilson is cleverly put into office by the bankers in order to pass many of the bankers' plans.

Creation of IRS

The IRS is established and covertly becomes the collection branch for the soon to be created Fed. The IRS has an integral relationship with the Fed, as you will see later.

Creation of Fed

With the IRS in place, the next version of an American central bank is established. The international bankers played Democrats against Republicans. The Democrats pushed for the Aldrich Plan, the Republicans for the Federal Reserve Act. Both plans were essentially the same thing with different names. With time the Federal Reserve would be evolved into what we have today.

World War I

Once the central bank is established its time to go to war and make some money. The currency supply is inflated and dollars are sent to businesses and banks abroad.

Roaring 20’s

With the centrally controlled expansion of the money supply the 1920’s experience a boom. The currency supply is artificially inflated and people are loving the easy money.

Stock Market Crash

Once the expansion of the currency supply in the 1920’s comes to a stop the Stock Market crash of 1929 takes place.

Executive Order to turn gold in

In order to keep people away from real wealth and real money an Executive Order 6102 is issued in order to collect people’s real money in exchange for Fed paper money.

Glass-Steagall Era

As a result of the engineered stock market crash of 1929, new bank regulations were put in place during the Glass-Steagall Era. The government jumped in and insured many of the risks that banks took and by doing this created a moral hazard that banks were able to use to their advantage.

Great Depression

The Great Depression sets in as a result of Fed manipulation and America experiences one of its hardest periods.

Social Security

Social Security is created in America wherein United States citizens are covertly pledged as collateral to international bankers for the debt of the United States.

World War II

With a central bank that is able to inflate the currency the surefire way to revive a depressed economy is to just print more money and take the country into war. And that is exactly what happened during World War II.

Treasury Accord

The Treasury Accord was an agreement put in place between the US Treasury and the Fed that assured the Federal Reserve would remain an independent entity.

Kennedy authorizes Treasury to issue money

Like Lincoln 100 years earlier, Kennedy authorizes the Treasury to issue its own money outside of international banker control...

Kennedy Assassinated

Like Lincoln, Kennedy is also assassinated.

Dollar Taken off gold standard

The dollar removes its final connection to real money and at this point becomes 100% paper money backed by nothing.

Gold Prices soar

Once the dollar is de-pegged from Gold the price of gold soars.

World Reserve Currency

The US Dollar becomes the world reserve currency so that in the future other countries will keep the dollar propped up and going strong.

Monetary Control Act

The Monetary Control Act gave the Federal Reserve even greater control over the banking industry. Banks now had to follow rules put in place by the Fed.

Financial Services Modernization Act

This legislation took note of the problems created by the earlier Glass-Steagall regulations and replaced many of these regulations with even more outrageous regulations which created even more problems and led in part to the housing bubble of 2008.

Dotcom Bubble

Leading up to the dotcom bubble the Federal Reserve pumped lots of currency in to the market which led to malinvestment and artificially raised the prices of stocks, especially tech stocks during this time.

Housing Bubble

Like the dotcom bubble, the housing bubble was caused by the Fed pumping lots of currency into the market through artificially low interest rates and the government backing risky loans to ineligible home buyers.

Crash of 2008

All the easy loans and Fed manipulation had to eventually come to an end and in 2008 it finally did. But the crash was never allowed to fully take place. The Fed jumped in and essentially bought up all the bad loans and kicked the can further down the road.
Present Day

Government Bubble

What we are left with today is an economy built mostly on artificial inflation completely engineered through the Federal Reserve. Interest rates are artificially kept low to keep the economy running and the Federal Reserve prints what is needed to make up for all the losses by having these low interest rates. Mathematically speaking, this can't go on forever...

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