Monday, January 19, 2015

Obama Met Secretly with 8 of 9 Justices of Supreme Court

Obama met secretly with eight out of the nine justices of the Supreme Court just prior to “his inauguration” and while cases alleging his ineligibility to assume the status of President were pending.  

 You can be grudgingly certain that the Gay marriage issue has already been decided by other secret meetings, just like the Obama Care ruling!

No attorneys were invited on behalf of the plaintiffs and no reporters were allowed. It has only been reported that Obama and then Vice-President-elect Joe Biden met with Chief Justice John Roberts and seven other justices in a court conference room for about 45 minutes and that  the only justice not present was Samuel Alito.

So why do YOU think these justices smiling?

Below are possible reasons why Obama had the secret meeting with the “justices” of the United States Supreme Court just prior to “his inauguration”.

1. To blackmail each one of them, or most of them.                                                  
2. To ask them to conspire with him against the Constitution.                            
 3. To confirm a previous agreement to conspire against the Constitution.   
4. To inform them that his real father was Frank Marshall Davis. Davis.       
5. To offer them bribes to conceal that he lied to the voting public.                
6. To threaten to kill them.                                                                                                  7. All of the above.

Which of these reasons above would make the “justices” of the Supreme Court smile while being involved (conspiring) in setting an unlawful precedent, i.e., a precedent intended to permit ineligible persons to usurp the highest offices in our nation, including enemies of the United States unlawfully appointing their cohorts to public offices.

usurpers 8
If his father was Obama Sr, then he and 

Sonya Sotomayor are usurpers.


If Obama secretly informed the justices of the Supreme Court that his father was not Obama Sr., but Frank Marshall Davis who was an American citizen, his intent in lying to the voting public and People of the United States is either to conceal something from the voting public and People of the United States or he is attempting to overtly set a precedent for ineligible persons to assume the status of President—unlawfully circumventing an eligibility requirement established in Article II, Section 1 clause 5 and the Twentieth Amendment of the United States Constitution, i.e., that only a person born to two United States citizens (plural) can be a “qualified” President elect.

NOTE: A military judge, Army Col. Denise R. Lind, who denied an officer the right to obtain potentially exculpatory evidence in a court martial, without any explanation said that uncovering evidence about Obama’s birth records could prove “embarrassing.”

Even if Obama in the meeting informed the justices of the Supreme Court that his real birth-father was Frank Marshall Davis, (i.e., informed them that he is in fact a natural born Citizen), they would by not informing the voting public and People of the United States that Obama has been lying about who is father was and avoiding the ineligibility issue  be conspiring with Obama and the “members” of Congress to set an unlawful precedent, i.e., to permit ineligible individuals to usurp the Office of President—cementing their coup d’état in place.

The fact is that Obama, Joe Biden and eight out of nine of the “justices” of the Supreme Court were in a secret meeting just prior to Obama’s “inauguration” and that each one of them knew during that meeting that if Obama’s birth-father was Obama Sr. from the protectorate of Kenya, that Obama was in fact not a “qualified” President elect and that he was therefore ineligible to assume the Office of President. Chief Justice John Roberts shortly after their secret meeting went to the “inauguration” and unlawfully administered an “oath” which Obama had no right to take.

Obama was fraudulently selected is my blog about that very issue 

To be continued.......

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