Sunday, July 22, 2012

Obama White House provides "Doctored" Family Photos WHY ??? Anyone into Photo Forensic Analysis ??


A much older Stanely Armour and Madelyn Dunham are purported to have visited a 21-year-old Barack Obama, Jr. upon "his graduation from Columbia University, New York, NY, in 1983." Obama's dark clothes were chosen to hide the composite imperfections (see below) which would be more apparent had he worn lighter clothing. Both the Dunhams’ and Obama’s clothing is multi-hued, showing effects contradictory to those of natural sunlight, including the absence of (otherwise) natural shadowing.

Photo 3

Barack Obama sits on a bench in Central Park South, New York City with his grandparents, Stanley Armour and Madelyn Dunham.

Photo 3: Analysis
Stanley Armour Dunham was reported to have died on February 8, 1992, so he could not have been in a photo which simultaneously includes Obama's wedding ring, obtained (and worn) on or about October 18, 1992. If this is a genuine photo taken in 1983, Obama would have actually been wearing his wedding ring prematurely—by 9 and 1/2 years.
The most glaring anomaly is the fact that his grandfather appears to be suffering from a severe anatomical distortion: he has 3 arms! Look closely at his left shoulder. His arm is obviously hidden but is clearly hanging at his side. Simultaneously, Stanley Dunham puts his 'third hand' over Barack's shoulder (without raising his arm), but it doesn't quite rest on the shoulder -- it floats in the air! 
A closer examination reveals that even the park bench is fraudulent. The photo appears to have been compiled in layers and in the following order: the bench, Stanley Dunham, Barack Obama, Madelyn Dunham, Stanley Dunham's suit jacke—entire left side, and Madelyn Dunham's suit jacket — entire right side.
The background, if in the actual setting of Central Park South, should have water on the other side of the wall nearest the bench—not trees. A closer look reveals two walls, the first near the base of the bench, and the second behind that wall. As in the previous set of photos, the subjects are not looking at the same photographer because there wasn't just one photographer—there were at least three, and most likely, six. The alteration/reinsertion of clothing is most visible along Stanley's left lapel and Madelyn's buttonhole side of her suit jacket, which is, abnormally, a straight line. The buttonholes are aligned, but the right-side lapel is definitely smaller than the left lapel, and so, it is out of proportion. 
This photo is a complete composite fabrication intended to perpetuate the lie that Barack Obama attended and graduated from Columbia University and was subsequentlyvisited by his grandparents.

Photo 3-A: Analysis
The original photo has been edited (by the author) in order to reveal the darkened aspects of the composite manipulations. Changes were made by altering the white/black-point aspect ratios and by lowering the gamma drive. The actual sunlight patterns of the background become brighter, while the foreground becomes more distinct. The light anomalies of the foreground still remain opposite of what they should be and have little or no affect on Obama's clothing. Because the background is actually lighter, the foreground should be darker. It is not. Therefore, the subjects appear to be together due to composite construction.
With the brightening of this photo, Obama's left trouser leg now appears to be composed of three different types of material, due to the recropping of his leg onto the photo, after the insertion of Madelyn Dunham's image. The pant leg near the cuff is a light grey color which mutates into black. Below his left hand, the trousersturn light gray, then coal black. Still not convinced? Then notice that Obama's upper-left leg (femur) appears to be larger (thicker and taller) and longer by 5-6 inches (up to the knee) than his right leg. This is 'Photoshopping' at its worst.
As is seen in most of Barack Obama's photos, his ears protrude closer to his skull, less than can be seen in live television shots. His ears normally protrude outward by an additional 22.5 degrees or so.
There are far too many abnormalities within this photographic rendition for it to be genuine—a “D-” grade in Photoshop 101—and that’s being generous.