Thursday, November 15, 2012

You want proof that the last election was a fraud?? are 22 for starters. Add the IRS AND FEC suppression of Conservative groups..too now!

After what we have seen this November, how is any American ever supposed to trust the integrity of our elections ever again?  There were over 70,000 reports of voting problems on election day, and there are numerous eyewitnesses that claim that they saw voting machines change votes for one candidate to another candidate right in front of their eyes.  In several of the swing states there were counties where the number of registered voters exceeded the total voting age population by a very wide margin.  How in the world does that happen?  Some of the vote totals that were reported in some of the most important swing states were completely and totally absurd, and yet we are just supposed to accept them on blind faith without ever being able to ask any questions.  Of course the Romney campaign has already totally given up, so it isn’t as if there is any chance that the results of the presidential election could be overturned anyhow.  But if massive election fraud did take place and nobody is held accountable, what kind of message will that send for the future?  Will we ever be able to have faith in the integrity of our elections ever again?

The following are 22 signs that voter fraud is wildly out of control and the election was a sham…
#1 According to the Election Protection Coalition, voters across the United States reported more than 70,000 voting problems by 5 PM Eastern time on election day.
#2 There were 59 voting divisions in the city of Philadelphia where Mitt Romney did not receive a single vote.  In those voting divisions, the combined vote total was 19,605 for Barack Obama and 0 for Mitt Romney.
#3 The overall voter turnout rate in Philadelphia was only about 60 percent.  But in the areas of Philadelphia where Republican poll watchers were illegally removed, the voter turnout rate was over 90% and Obama received over 99% of the vote.  Officials in Philadelphia have already ruled out an investigation.
#4 According to WND, one poll watcher in Pennsylvania actually claims that he witnessed voting machine software repeatedly switch votes from Mitt Romney to Barack Obama…
It was in Upper Macungie Township, near Allentown, Pa., where an auditor, Robert Ashcroft, was dispatched by Republicans to monitor the vote on Election Day. He said the software he observed would “change the selection back to default – to Obama.”
He said that happened in about 5 percent to 10 percent of the votes.
He said the changes appeared to have been made by a software program.
Ashcroft said the format for computer programming has a default status, and in this case it appeared to be designating a vote for Obama each time it went to default.
#5 Somehow Mitt Romney won 55 out of the 67 counties in the state of Pennsylvania and still managed to lose the entire state by a wide margin because of the absurd vote totals that Obama ran up in the urban areas.
#6 Barack Obama received more than 98 percent of the vote in 10 out of the 50 wards in the city of Chicago.
#7 Prior to the election, voters in the states of Nevada, North Carolina, Texas and Ohio all reported that voting machines were switching their votes for Romney over to Obama.
#8 There were more than 50 precincts in Cuyahoga County, Ohio where Mitt Romney received 2 votes or less.
#9 There were more than 100 precincts in Cuyahoga County, Ohio where Barack Obama received more than 99 times the votes that Mitt Romney did.
#10 Barack Obama also received more than 99% of the vote in a number of very important precincts down in Broward County, Florida.
#11 Wood County, Ohio (which Obama won) has a voting age population of 98,213, but somehow 106,258 voters were registered to vote on election day.
#12 Ten counties in the swing state of Colorado have a voter registration rate of more than 100%.
#13 Barack Obama did not win in a single state that absolutely requires a photo I.D. in order to vote.
#14 In Ohio, two election judges were caught allowing unregistered voters to cast ballots.
#15 Many Ohio voters that showed up at the polls on election day were surprised when they were informed that they had already voted.
#16 In fact, there were reports all over the nation of people being unable to vote because records showed that they had already voted.
#17 According to U.S. Representative Allen West, there were numerous “voting irregularities” in St. Lucie County, Florida on election day…
“The thing that spurred our curiosity in our race was the fact that at 1 o’clock in the morning on Election Night, all of a sudden there was a 4,000-vote swing that took me from being ahead to put the lead into my opponent’s hands.”
#18 In Wisconsin, there were allegations that Obama voters were actually being bussed in from out of state
The Democrats stationed a self described “BIG Chicago pro bono attorney” as one of their two observers at this small polling place. He remained at the polling place from 7:00 a.m. until well after 8:p.m. …..A high priced CHICAGO attorney, sitting in a Sheboygan WISCONSIN polling place, observing wards comprised of 1500 voters? …. WHY???
Why would someone from Chicago be observing in Sheboygan Wisconsin? And WHY at such a small polling place? Finally, isn’t it interesting that this would occur at the VERY polling place in which all of the above described events ALSO occurred? AGAIN WHY WOULD A CHICAGO ATTORNEY BE OBSERVING AN ELECTION POLLING PLACE WITH FEWER THAN 1500 VOTERS IN IT, IN SHEBOYGAN WISCONSIN? Of all the places where there has been suspected voting irregularities, and OUTRIGHT FRAUD throughout the ENTIRE United States, WHY HERE? WHY SHEBOYGAN? WHY THIS SMALL WARD?
This lawyer spent the day running in and out making, and taking calls, which coincidentally then coincided with influxes of groups of individuals by the van and bus loads, coming in to register, AND VOTE, using what appeared to be copied Allient energy bills. These individuals often did not have photo I.D.’s, could not remember their own addresses without looking at the paper, and became easily tripped, confused and annoyed when questioned.
Many of these same individuals, just so happened to be dressed in/wearing CHICAGO BEARS apparel, and whom openly discussed “catching busses back to Chicago” with each other, with poll workers, via their cell phones in the lobby area just outside the polling place, as well as in the parking lot, both before and AFTER registering and voting.
One woman was dressed head to toe in CHICAGO BEARS apparel including perfectly manicured BEARS fake fingernails!
She complained because registering was taking too long and she had to hurry up to catch her bus back to Chicago.
We have photos of these people in vehicles with plates from different states, photos of them leaving the polls, and other irregularities.
#19 Prior to election day, an Obama for America staffer was caught on video trying to help someone register to vote in more than one state.
#20 It is being alleged that unions in Nevada have been registering illegal immigrants and pressuring them to vote.
#21 According to, there was a systematic effort by the Obama campaign to suppress the military vote because they knew that most military votes would go against Obama…
Aiding Obama’s win was a devious suppression of the conservative vote. The conservative-leaning military vote has decreased drastically since 2010 due to the so-called Military Voter Protection Act that was enacted into law the year before. It has made it so difficult for overseas military personnel to obtain absentee ballots that in Virginia and Ohio there has been a 70% decrease in requests for ballots since 2008. In Virginia, almost 30,000 fewer overseas military voters requested ballots than in 2008. In Ohio, more than 20,000 fewer overseas military voters requested ballots. This is significant considering Obama won in both states by a little over 100,000 votes.
#22 According to the Naval Enlisted Reserve Association, it appears that thousands of military votes from this election will never be counted at all.
So what do you think about all of this?
Do you still believe that elections in America are fair and honest?
Please feel free to post an article with your thoughts below…



  1. The American people should be completely ashamed of this voting system. And for screw ups so that military votes don't ever get counted this time should be enough to void this whole election. The man is a usurper and has no business sitting in the Oval Office. Would be nice if our Congress got gonads and had him charged and arrested on any number of chargers against the Constitution and the American people.

  2. ACCURACY of New Jersey Electronic Voting Machines declared "SUSPECT" by New Jersey Appellate Court.

    Majority of Candidates take action in U.S. Senate Race.

    When you walk in the voting booth, tomorrow, or in November, you do want YOUR vote to go to the candidate YOU VOTED FOR, don't you? Well, guess what? That may not be the case.

    In a heretofore unprecedented action, no less than FIVE of the Candidates in the New Jersey Special Senate Election, which has not even been held yet, have raised a challenge in the United States Senate, after the courts in New Jersey failed to remedy acknowledged illegal actions by election officials in the Balloting process, from construction of the ballots to the accuracy of the electronic voting machines, themselves, effectively disenfranchising the majority of legal voters in New Jersey.

    Led by Democratic-Republican Candidate and Constitutional Scholar Eugene Martin LaVergne, who attended Seton Hall Law School with NJ Governor Chris Christie, the candidates have exposed a tainted process in selection for ballot placement, intentional disregard for Federal and State Election Laws, and even lying in court on the part of some of the election officials, including members of the staff of the New Jersey Attorney General's Office.

    This action further reveals to the courts and the public the rampant partisan practices** that normally take place behind closed doors in the selection for ballot position in each county, a process meant to be public.

    This action permits the Senate Rules Committee to delay seating ANY winner in tomorrow's election contest until a full investigation as to the propriety, Constitutionality, and legality of this election is completed - including a lock-down of the ballot machines, which have already been proven to be able to be programmed to "re-assign" votes cast for one candidate to another candidate - all accomplished with a few lines of code. The New Jersey State Elections Statutes (19:28-1) requires that the machines be impounded (not touched) for a minimum of 15 days following their use in an election. If a challenge is raised, the lock-down period becomes indefinite.

    New Jersey Election Officials, with NO NOTICE to the general public, or even all of the candidates on the ballot, will begin to erase the programming and individual internal records on the machines beginning only 12 HOURS after the election, contrary to the clear MANDATORY directive of the New Jersey State Legislature. In short, they intend to destroy the only evidence of votes actually cast.

    It was sworn by Election officials to the New Jersey Supreme Court that it would only take 48 hours to ready all 7000-plus electronic voting machines for the General Election in November, during a June 18th 2013, proceeding before the Court.

    **Pay particularly close attention to Page 40 onward, to see how ridiculous the process in selecting ballot placement is handled.

  3. Go to snopes to clear up almost 108% of the errors on this page.

  4. Thank you for exposing this type of fraud. Is this how Al Gore stole the election from George W. Bush?

    1. Your reading comprehension is incredibly poor. Try to read the article again except this time to understand it: the race is Romney vs. Obama 2012.

      Despite Gore's winning the popular vote by a hair over George W. Bush, Gore LOST the electoral college vote to Bush. The ultimate decision was made in (either) the U.S. Senate (or the Supreme Court) where Bush was declared the winner.

      An independent group of counters in Florida found NO evidence of "dangling chad" which was a Liberal hoax.

  5. As of 6/6/16, SNOPES dot COM has been found to be a 100% Liberal SHAM pushing liberal propaganda with fake "facts" and artificial "evidence".

    There is NOT a single element about SNOPES run by two ultra-liberal adults from a computer at home that is TRUE. they are sponsored by the evil billionaire, George Soros.

    All their "debunking" of conservative truths like the list above has been shown to be FALSE.