Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Obama's Record on Private Sector Jobs, dismal growth and the bullshit about doing better than all other Presidents. He is a LIAR!

Barack Obama and a tutorial on manipulating economic statistics! (Video)

The statistic in question here is the creation of jobs in the United States during the first term of Barack Obama compared to a specific period of time during the Bush administration!

Numbers are a funny thing in that what you see is not always what you get.

Of course if you add 1+1 the answer will always be 2, but if instead you are making a comparison between different numbers and varying time periods the outcome can sometimes be manipulated to achieve whatever the desired result the presenter may want.

And nowhere are numbers,specifically jobs, more critical than in the case of the presidential election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

The state of the economy, jobs creation and the unemployment rate will likely prove to be among the major factors deciding who will be the next President of the United States.

With that in mind the Obama administration claims that it has helped to create over 4 million jobs during the last 27 months, more than in the 7 years prior to the start of the crisis.

Is this fact true, false or maybe technically true while being extremely misleading?

Jobs creation information without the OBAMA BULLSHIT...watch the video and understand the scam he is pulling on us!

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  1. Slick Willy had less of a grasp on lying than his suck cessor Barry. His precision play with the numbers makes me ill. He should probably have been whipped for lying as a child, but was instead rewarded.