Friday, September 21, 2012

If this is the president's idea of success, what does failure look like? ONLY THE MORON LAP DOG OLD MEDIA AND THE LOONEY LEFT BELIEVE THIS BULLSHIT!!

If this is the president's idea of success, what does failure look like?

I refer, of course, to this:

• In the last four years the number of food stamp participants increased by

• In the last four years the cost of the food stamp program is up by 114.4%

Not to mention this:

Paul Krugman said he would be concerned if government spending hit 50% of GDP. The trend does not look good, but by Krugman's measure there is a ways to go.

Nonetheless, I think we should be concerned now. The numbers ignore exploding national debt and interest on national debt. Interest on national debt will skyrocket if rates go up or growth estimates penciled in do not occur. Both of those are likely...

The figures also ignore ever-escalating costs of Medicare, Social Security, and pension promises, all of which are guaranteed to soar in the not so distant future. Romney says Unfunded liabilities amount to $520,000 per household.

And -- it goes without saying -- this:

That last graph is the single most damning indictment of the Obama philosophy of class warfare, Keynesian spending, and wealth redistribution.

Remember, the president described
his catastrophic record as follows:
"We tried our plan — and it worked"

If his plan "worked", I'd hate to see failure. And if we don't defeat this man in November, it's absolutely certain we'll get to experience it -- firsthand.

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