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Ambassador Chris Stevens was first sodomized and raped before he was killed..Obama has blood on his hands !! SCREW THIS ARAB SPRING SHIT!!

Libya ambassador Chris Stevens was sodomized and raped before he was killed: Islamic Beast/Al-Qaeda terrorist in Libya may have used riot over anti-Muslim movie as a diversion to pull off 9/11 anniversary attack.

It all starts with Obama's love affair with the MAD MUSLIM WORLD! ENOUGH THIS MUST END !!

U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens killed in a rocket attack during protests over an anti-Muslim film in Libya.

The Arabic language website known as Lebanon News ( has just reported the horrific claim that the heavily armed mob responsible for the murder of U.S. Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, 52, actually raped him before he was killed.
The Google Translation of the report follows:
-"The U.S. ambassador to Libya was raped sexually before killing by gunmen who stormed the embassy building in Benghazi last night to protest against the film is offensive to the Prophet Muhammad"
-"The sources told AFP said that 'Ambassador was killed and representation of his body in a manner similar to what happened with Gaddafi, such as murder.'"
Ambassador Stevens was killed on Tuesday along with three other embassy staff as a group of terrorists attacked the U.S. consulate office in Benghazi, where Stevens was hold up.
The mob fired countless gunshots and rocket propelled grenades at the U.S. compound, eventually setting the consulate ablaze.
Also on Tuesday, a violent mob scaled the walls of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, replacing the U.S. flag with that of al Queda's.
Over his career, Stevens served two diplomatic tours in Libya, and was confirmed as ambassador to that country by the Senate in May.

President Obama denounced the wave of violence that swept through the Middle East and claimed the lives of four Americans in Libya  including U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens. 

But Obama was not even at his own security briefings the week leading up to anniversary of the 9 11 attacks. What kind of a shit does that?

The envoy was killed after gun-toting protesters stormed the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya’s second-largest city.
The attack, and a related embassy-storming in Egypt, was seemingly sparked by fury over a low-budget film produced in California that some found offensive to Muslims, but federal sources told CNN that an  Al-Qaeda-affiliated group responsible for a previous armed assault on the consulate may have taken advantage of the demonstration to attack on the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks of 2001.
“The United States condemns in the strongest terms this outrageous and shocking attack,” Obama said Wednesday morning from the Rose Garden, joined by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
“Since our founding the U.S. is a nation that respects all faiths,” the president added. “There is no justification of this type of senseless violence. None.”



September 12, 2012

The Blasphemy of False Prophets

I was watching the "news" accounts of the ongoing Obama-fiasco in Libya and Egypt this morning, and I couldn't help but come to one headline/twitter friendly conclusion:
"Obama Apologized. American Ambassador Eulogized. First Amendment Marginalized."
Perhaps I should add a subsidiary clause to the phrase: maybe something like "Media Sanitized" in reference to the way they are scrambling to protect their precious president as he speaks softly and stumblingly slams his little stick in the Muslim Brotherhood's front door.
But I'm not writing this post to focus on media bias. Others do that, and they do it better than I do. I'm writing this post for a different reason.
I'm angry.

I'm angry at a hypocritical, feckless President who personally spikes the football over Bin Laden's death while his state department apologizes to Islamists for the exertion of similar First Amendment rights by other Americans who aren't lucky enough to be anointed god-kings.
I'm angry that a posturing, empty-suit of a president lectures Americans on "denigrating religious views" when he is on record as referring to Americans of faith as "bitter clingers", and when he has campaign surrogates attacking his opponent for being a Mormon.
I'm angry that our stroke-addled, possibly brain-damaged Vice President describes 9/11 as a "bittersweet" day, as our embassies are burning and Americans are being killed.
I'm angry over the fact that we spent blood and treasure in Obama's "Lead from Behind Libyan Adventure" only to see our Ambassador murdered and dragged thru the streets by the very people Obama placed in power.
I'm angry that we helped force an ally out in Egypt knowing he'd be replaced with an Al-Qaeda friendly government that enjoyed watching its minions take the first symbolic opportunity they had to burn our flag and replace it with Al-Qaeda's.
I'm angry that at a time when Al-Qaeda's flag flies over the Cairo embassy, the mis-administration prepares to forgive over $1 BILLION in Egyptian debt.
I'm angry that "Pimp With A Limp" gets to talk to the president, while Bibi Netanyahu, whose allied country faces a potential nuclear annihilation, gets to talk to the hand.
I'm angry that the gut instinct of this mis-Administration is to sympathize with and excuse those who hold our fundamental values in contempt as those same people actively seek any pretext they can find to slaughter us where we stand.
I'm angry that the mis-Administration's paltry response to a region-wide attack on America, which is, incidentally, what this is, is to deploy 50 Marines to Libya and jet-off to a Vegas fundraiser while preparing a top-ten list for Letterman's show.
I'm angry that the cornerstone freedoms of speech and religious liberty enshrined in our Constitution are so routinely dismissed and mocked by this mis-Administration. 1st Amendment freedom of speech? "Not if it hurts feelings" we are told. Freedom of religion? "Not if it stands between our mis-Administration and giving Sandra Fluke a free abortion should she want one" we are hectored.
But with four Americans dead, our flag burning, and our embassies trashed, you know what really makes me angry?
Our president isn't.
Think about that fact.
Our president isn't. He read a bland and bloodless set of prepared remarks for 10 minutes, hid behind Hillary Clinton's ever-widening skirt, took no questions, and then thought the best thing he could do would be to hit the Vegas strip.
The truth is this: yesterday I read that the President's team came out swinging against the "2016:Obama's America" movie.
They didn't like the way the president was portrayed. So they attacked Dinesh D'souza and, for some reason, Tea Partiers.
Here is the language they used on
“It should say enough about D’Souza’s credibility that a movie catering to the Tea Party attacks someone for allegedly ‘anti-colonial’ views,” the entry reads. “His attempts to hide his lies behind pseudo-scholarly presentation and glossy production values cannot withstand basic scrutiny. The facts show that 2016: Obama’s America is nothing more than an insidious attempt to dishonestly smear the President by giving intellectual cover to the worst in subterranean conspiracy theories and false, partisan attacks.”
That's tougher than anything Obama said in response to the death of an American ambassador, his staff, or the attack on our embassy grounds.
Which I guess suggests a lesson of sorts. Like those who attacked our embassies and killed our personnel, Obama seems to get riled up by movies that make a point of smearing a self-proclaimed false-messianic prophet.
We can do better. We have to do better. I'm doing all I can to vent my anger into something constructive. I hope you'll join me.

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