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Obama’s Selective Service Card IS A Fraud: DONE BY A POOR FORGER TOO !!

Bombshell! Obama’s Selective Service Card IS A Fraud:   DONE BY A POOR FORGER TOO !!

This proves that Obama did NOT  Register for Selective Service.. and so he cannot BE THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF..



It’s the Law!

Fraudulent Document Precludes Obama from Holding Office!

Card image from Government FOIA Request Received by Ken Allen
One of our readers, Gordo,  provided a link to “Bombshell” information that is found in an interview with  Mike Zullo.  He is the lead investigator of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse team, that was delving into Obama’s eligibility.
On March 2, 2012, on Frank Beckmann‘s radio program,  WJR (760),  Detroit, Michigan,  Mike and Frank have discussion about the Posse’s findings.   This is the link ,  so you can listen for yourself.

During the first part of the broadcast the emphasis is on Obama’s birth certificate.  They are looking for the individual that created the birth certificate and posted it on the WH website.  The document on the government website, “never started its life as a hard copy document.”   He said they used the airwaves and the internet to give the birth certificate the “look of it being authentic.”  Fraud  was committed.  First, there was  fraud against the citizens of  Maricopa County, then the state of Arizona,  and finally citizens across the nation.    Mike  said that they have identified  “a person of interest” in the forging of Obama’s birth certificate.
Mike also disclosed that the Posse decided not to approach the officials in Hawaii until they had proof from their own  investigations.   Frank inquired if  they were  going to contact them, and he said, “You can take that to the bank!”  He also said they were not involved in trying to keep Obama off the ballot, and that it was up to the citizens of Arizona.   They are investigating fraud and the forgery of documents.
I transcribed some of  the conversation between the two men after the discussion about the birth certificate.  It is worthwhile for you to listen to the entire conversation to get the full flavor of the details presented.
Frank: There is also a question about the president’s Social Security card.  “Were you looking into that as well?”
Mike:  “That is still under investigation.  The Social Security  issue is still  an unexplained phenomenon.  It is a little difficult to investigate that without having an official criminal investigation. But that is something that we are looking at.
What the public should be more concerned about is the possibility of the  Fraud of the Selective Service Card.  That has some severe ramifications.”

Frank:   asks him to repeat what he said because the conversation broke up.
Mike:  “The Selective Service card that we showed in our press conference.
We believe that document was fraudulently created to give the appearance that it  was accepted in 1980.  That has some far reaching implications.  That is actually something that the president himself at some point in time may have to answer for.”

Frank:  “How so?  Explain.”
Mike:  “Selective Service back in 1980, there was a requirement that any males over the age of 18 years old register for Selective Service.  Failure to do so was under penalty of law which was a felony. It also precludes individuals from holding public office, governmental office, if they do not register.”   [Yes, read that again, folks!]
“We showed in our press conference yesterday that  we believe  that the post office stamp which tries to portray that card as  being accepted at a post office in Hawaii in 1980  was fraudulently applied to that document. That document is still under severe investigation by our office.
Frank:  “You are right, that is an even bigger issue than a birth certificate. I would think for most people.”
Mike: ” I do agree with you. It is a bigger issue for everybody involved, and  a lot of media, they are running from this issue because this issue,  it links directly to Mr. Obama.
Frank:  “We’ll see. The MSM is not going to give you a lot of coverage on this, are they?”
Mike:  “Nah, They are trying to go the same route as before. Everybody is starting to come out now trying to say well, its the scanner, its this, and we debunked all of that.  It is a topic that the MSM does not  want to deal with, and we will have to play accordingly.”
To check the integrity of Mr. Zullo’s words that not registering or using a forged document precludes Obama from having a federal job, the following was found on the U.S. Selective Service Registration website concerning registering with the Selective Service.   Indeed, he is correct.
Register for the Draft: It’s Still the Law
Males 18 through 25 are required to register
Penalties for Failure to Register for the Draft
Men who do not register could be prosecuted and, if convicted, fined up to $250,000 and/or serve up to five years in prison. In addition, men who fail to register with Selective Service before turning age 26, even if not prosecuted, will become ineligible for:
Student Financial Aid – including Pell Grants, College Work Study, Guaranteed Student/Plus Loans, and National Direct Student Loans.
U.S. Citizenship - if the man first arrived in the U.S. before his 26th birthday.
Federal Job Training – The Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) offers programs that can train young men for jobs in auto mechanics and other skills. This program is only open to those men who register with Selective Service.
 Federal Jobs – men born after December 31, 1959 must be registered to be eligible for jobs in the Executive Branch of the Federal government and the U.S. Postal Service.
In addition, several states have added additional penalties for those who fail to register.
You may have read or been told that there is no need to register, because so few people are prosecuted for failing to register. The goal of the Selective Service System is registration, not prosecution. Even though those who fail to register may not be prosecuted they will be denied student financial assistance, federal job training, and most federal employment unless they can provide convincing evidence to the agency providing the benefit they are seeking, that their failure to register was not knowing and willful.
Again, from the government, just in case Barack Obama (or whatever his name really  is)  arrived in the U.S. from a foreign county, illegal alien males are also required to register.
“All immigrant alien males, other than those admitted on non-immigrant visas, must register, whether or not they have a green card.”
So,  huge questions remain for Barack Obama to answer.  Who filed the Selective Service form and who signed his name?  According to Debbie Schlussel,  who wrote an  exclusive on her findings regarding Obama’s Selective Service Registration card in 2008, the form a forger used was  a  SSS Form 1 that was issued in  1990.  (lower left corner)  Yet, the form signed by Obama and supposedly stamped by a postal clerk  shows  1980!   How did Obama complete a form 10 full years before the form was in use?  That is just one of the multiple abnormalities identified by Debbie Schussel.
The Posse recreated the postal stamp that was used on Obama’s fraudulent form and figured out how it was made.  They  also noted that the stamp was missing  two numbers identified in a normal year pattern of 4 digits i.e., 1980.  The stamp print that the forger  used was compared to other forms from the same time period and found they all used the entire sequence of 4 digits, 1980.   On Obama’s form only the 80 was printed, and the 19 was missing.
Quickly after the Posse’s conference,  the Left came to Obama’s defense saying that the ink didn’t penetrate the 1 and 9 and, therefore, those two numbers didn’t print.   Well, they had to find an excuse for it!  The Posse showed Obama’s stamp compared  to other stamps from the same year and they all had complete 4 digit year markings.    If the Left’s  analysis was correct, then why was ink picked up in the numbers above the 08,  in the circular line and the words beneath the 08?    I think we will believe our own eyes  and the forensic document experts and law enforcement officials who have identified the document as a forgery.  The paid Leftist radicals who manufacture lies and deceive those who can not think for themselves are trying to defend the indefensible.
So now there are two confirmed document forgeries by law enforcement officials that purportedly belong to and are supposed to identify  the person sitting in the White House, Barack Obama.


 Birth Certificate 

Selective Service Registration Form

How long do We the People have to wait to have a criminal investigation started regarding Barack Obama?  If the registration document is not his, then who completed the form for him that was sent to the government?  Is he a foreigner as many suspect since he uses a fake social security card number  and that number didn’t pass E-Verify?  Who created the Selective Service Registration form for Obama to sign?  How did that form information get into the government database?  Who works at the Selective Service Administration in Chicago that could put that card into their files?  (Conveniently, Selective Service forms are maintained in the Chicago office.).  Was the form created  in 2008 when Obama wanted to run for office?  Did the same person create both the birth certificate and the selective service form?  Does Obama think he will be able to skate on both these issues?
The man with multiple identities and no documentation is  occupying the highest office in our nation.  Abiding by the laws in our nation, Obama is ineligible to be in the position he is, and we certainly can not allow him to run for office again.
Failure to register with the Selective Service is a felony.  If Obama did not register when he was required to do so, and it appears he did not;  he is not eligible for a job in the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.  
Let’s make Obama accountable now!
Start your letter campaign and demand Congress investigate!  If they want money for their reelection campaigns, then they damn well better do the job they are paid by the taxpayers to do!   Money talks, when Obama walks.
Additional Reading:

UPDATE:  March 21, 2012

Authentic Date Stamps from 1980
The Cold Case Posse obtained these official 1980 US Postal Service stamps to show a comparison to Obama’s stamp where only the “80″ shows. 

From WND:   The first two stamps in the illustration are from the same Post Office – Makiki Station in Honolulu, Hawaii – indicated on Obama’s Selective Service registration.
While some of the letters stamped in the outer ring on some of the authentic documents are indistinct or even missing, all of the authentic date stamps include four digits for the year at the center of the stamp.
Below are  four of the authentic Selective Service registration forms. All of the forms have a Post Office stamp that indicates the year with four digits.  In sharp contrast, the year designation in Obama’s Selective Service registration has two digits, specifying only “80″ instead of “1980.”





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