Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Obama Birth Certificate Problems (And More) YOU SEE THE PROOF AND DECIDE FOR YOUR SELF!!


More and more people are downloading and opening the PDF provided by the White House of Obama’s  fake “birth certificate” using Adobe Illustrator!

proof that Obama's birth certificate is a fake
Everyone who is opening it with Adobe Illustrator has a very easy time of showing the Obama birth certificate document is in fact “layered.” What that means is that instead of being a copy this document was actually “built”. If you take a copy or a scan of a document and then convert it to PDF you should not be able to peel layers off of it. It is simply one single layer. If you are able to peel layers off a document it means that these were added there  one by one as the document was being built in a PDF program such as  those made by Adobe.  Below are videos that show how they are able to peel away the layers off this document, we will keep adding them as they come in.

Obama’s fake birth certificate

Yesterday we pointed to some of the questions that arose after the Obama birth certificate announcement. Today it looks like the questions were justified!
The Conunderground thanks all those who are helping to show the world that we are being enslaved by charlatan.

I opened Obama's Birth Certificate PDF from the White House and it's a fake. I show you what I did. I'm a graphic artist and you should NOT be able to move around the different pieces of information. Guys, this is a very poor forgery. Even the dates moved around separate.

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