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THE ILLEGAL PRESIDENT: How Obama steals elections one at a time

Defeating America from Within

It should be obvious that the best way to defeat America would be to do so from within. What if, the plan from the start was for Obama to defeat the U.S. by becoming it's chief executive? I know you don't want to believe it, but when you connect the dots it seems all the more plausible that this was a careful thought out plan right from the start.
In 1995 Barack Obama, then 35, ran for Alice Palmer's seat in the State Senate when Alice Palmer decided to run for the U.S. Congress. He was backed by his Syrian friend, Antoin (Tony) Rezko and Al Johnson, retired auto dealer who had been in the Mayor Harold Washington administration. When Palmer who had backed Obama to succeed her in the state Senate lost her election for the U.S. Congress, she asked Obama to step aside so she could return to her state Senate seat BUT Obama refused and challenged her re-qualification signatures on the ballot. Palmer was subsequently disqualified and Obama was able to run unopposed.
"[William] Ayers and Dohrn (domestic terrorists of Weather Underground fame) hosted a gathering at their home in the Hyde Park section of Chicago, the neighborhood in which the Obamas lived, at which then- state Senator Alice J. Palmer introduced Barack Obama as her choice for the 1996 Democratic primary. Palmer denied that she organized the political affair for Obama, although she said she attended. Dr. Quentin Young, a longtime physician, who also attended, referred to the gathering as the political coming-out party for Obama. Young said it was a small group-maybe a dozen or so people-who were being introduced to the next senator from Chicago's South Side, and that money was raised for Obama at the event. Although the exact date of the gathering is not known, it was sometime in the second half of 1995, according to Ben Smith, a reporter for The Politico." (See
During the last days of the presidential election, have you noticed how William Ayers, one of Barack Obama's handlers and the ghost writer of his book[s] has vanished from public view?
"The co-founder of the Weathermen, the anti-Vietnam War group that bombed the Pentagon and US Capitol in the 1970s, has vanished as John McCain seeks to make his links to Barack Obama a central issue in the last weeks of the presidential campaign."
After Obama won the election with the Black vote and the too-young-to-know-better voting block, when it mattered, John McCain didn't fight back using the evidence he had; the sealed documents, the lies and the refusal of Barack Obama to disclose what America was entitled to know.
Most Americans were too disconnected in spite of the longest and most expensive campaign ever. When asked simple questions, most Obama supporters could not even tell you what Wade vs Roe was and many still don't know where Iraq is located or "redistribution" ("to each according to needs") isn't codified inthe Contitution.
"There was no one home when The Times visited Mr Ayers' house in a quiet street three blocks from Mr Obama's mansion in the Hyde Park district of Chicago. The Education Department of the University of Illinois, where Mr Ayers works, said that he had gone on sabbatical. In response to an e-mail he stated: `I'm not available right now. Perhaps in the future. Best, Bill.'..." ( Times Online)
Obama wasn't satisfied with a seat in the state Senate; his plan was to go all the way to the White House. Who doesn't wonder, even those not given to conspiracies, if Obama was planning something bigger even then? Of course he was. He and Rezko and Ayers and the long list of characters already mentioned here over the last two years
Here is how Cynthia Miller, manager of Obama's Senate district office describes Obama's ambition, as described by Dan Morain in the LA Times in September 2008,
"Cynthia K. Miller, who ran his district office, recalls an incident shortly after Obama's election. She had taken a longer-than-normal lunch break and returned to find an impatient state senator waiting for her...He didn't raise his voice, she said, but he turned stern as he explained the importance of time management and the need to focus on goals. Then he shared his own goal: `I plan to be president.'"
Obama was not a professor, as he is sometimes referred to by his friends; he was a part time lecturer, an obvious attempt to make him out to be what he is not. And look who his neighbors are.
"Obama's state Senate district was a mix of mansions, trendy town homes and tenements. It encompassed the leafy campus of the University of Chicago, where Obama worked part time as a law school lecturer before and after his election." (ibid)
"Talk-show host Oprah Winfrey, who is having a fund-raiser for Obama at her Montecito estate in Santa Barbara County today, keeps a residence in the old district. The Rev. Jesse Jackson, who has endorsed Obama, and Minister Louis Farrakhan, head of the black separatist Nation of Islam, live within three blocks of Obama's home." (ibid)
"He teamed with Republican state Sen. Kirk Dillard to revoke a law that allowed lawmakers to convert campaign money to personal use, for some legislators a source of substantial largesse." (ibid)

Things Happen Because
They are Made To Happen

When Obama was interviewed bu George Stephanopoulous on ON ABC's "This Week with George Stephanopoulous," Senator Barack Obama was asked why he went to Antoin Rezko for help buying his mansion and the lot adjacent to it, he responded with:
"Well, you know, I think that, you know, we had bought a house for the first time and, you know, we were trying to figure out how to set the whole thing up and, you know, this is somebody that I had known for some time. It was an aboveboard legal transaction. I paid more than the price of the property that I purchased and so the assumption was that this was all aboveboard."
How many first homes are in the million dollar range? And the fly in that ointment was it was not the first time. Obama did buy a previous home, a condo in Hyde Park before they purchased the $1.6 million mansion in Kenwood.
This was not the last and has not been the first time Obama couldn't get his facts straight. Like the fact that Obama's connection with Rezko was more complex than has been disclosed or investigated.
Nothing just happens. It happens because it is made to happen.
Obama went to work in Chicago in 1993 in a law firm where the major partner was Allison S. Davis of Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland. Later Davis would leave the firm and invest in Rezko's "government-subsidized" business - which the law firm represented to obtain those contracts, which had been a major part of the law firm's legal work - the same company which Obama decided to join.
Tim Novak of the Chicago Sun-Times (April 23, 2007) wrote:
"Davis and Rezko also went into business together, building upscale homes in the booming Kenwood neighborhood where Davis lives. The legal work on those deals was also done by Davis' former law firm, where Obama was working." (Novak)
"While Davis was running the law firm, he was also a board member of the Woodlawn Preservation and Investment Corp., a not-for-profit company that hooked up with Rezko's Rezmar Corp. on tax-supported projects to rehabilitate apartments for low-income tenants. Davis' firm handled the legal work on those housing deals." (Novak)
"Davis has long been an influential member of the Woodlawn community just south of the University of Chicago. His father was the university's first African-American professor. Since 1991, Davis has been a member of the Chicago Plan Commission, appointed by Mayor Daley, a friend." (Novak)
"Four years ago, Blagojevich appointed Davis to the Illinois State Board of Investment, which controls state pension funds -- one of a series of appointments THE GOVERNOR MADE AT REZKO'S REQUEST."

Obama Stretches Credulity

"In 1991, after Obama became the first black president of the Harvard Law Review, Rezko offered him a job. While Obama declined, the two began a friendship that deepened as Obama launched his political career and Rezko became a key fund-raiser. The two men and their wives used to socialize, meeting for dinner, Obama has said. After earning his degree, Obama returned to Chicago, ran a voter registration drive, began work on an autobiography and in 1993 went to work in a small but influential law firm now known as (Davis) Miner, Barnhill & Galland." (Chicago Tribune)
[The New York Times reported the method of selection changed to insure minority representation. Therefore Obama became the first black law review editor. But there is no record he wrote anything while he was the editor of the Harvard Law Review.]
"The firm also did work in affordable housing and several which involved Rezko's Rezmar Corp. " of the law firm's founding partners, Allison Davis, developed personal financial ties to Rezko. Davis later left the firm to become a for-profit developer, sometimes in deals with Rezko..." (Tribune)
There has been a great deal of spin control over this relationship. You see it especially in Daily KOS, which seems to be the leading liberal blog source of pro-Obama propaganda. I have read other blogs where former KOS webloggers have divorced themselves form KOS because of it's unbalanced support for Obama.
"Responding to a Chicago Sun-Times report that Obama's former law firm did legal work for Rezko's low-income housing development business, the Illinois senator said he performed five hours of work on behalf of non-profit housing groups that partnered with Rezko. "We were brought in through them [the non-profits], not through Rezko," Obama said. (Times-Tribune)
BUT, not to forget the socializing and the acquisition of Obama's 1.6 million mansion with Rezko's generosity. One must ask, what was Rezko promised and what did Rezko get in return?
Obama has answered charges of political collusion and special favors by saying he was unaware of the scope of the problem with Rezko's deteriorating housing projects - even though many of them were IN HIS DISTRICT. He said he never heard a complaint from anyone.
"The Sun-Times reported that Rezko donated to Obama at the same time residents were without heat at one of the troubled properties operated by Rezko's firm, Rezmar Corp. The firm received taxpayer help to rehab 30 buildings, including 11 in Obama's state legislative district on the South Side." (Tribune)
The Tribune reported that, "When Obama first ran for the Illinois Senate in 1996, Rezko was among his first political donors. And when Obama ran for the U.S. Senate, Rezko was a major fundraiser." Some of this money, it seems, was funneled through Rezko and may have come from other Arab sources. Rezko is also a native born Syrian. It is as-if Obama and his handlers had planned to take over the government years ago and as slick as the plan was to fly airplanes in the World Towers, this plan would be even more astute and deftly planned. Is Obama a Muslim sleeper?
You have all heard some of the speeches. It is all FLUFF. Where is the beef? As I wrote here once before I've heard a lot of speeches when I worked in Washington at the White House and in the Pentagon - and I admit to having been moved by some of them and given a fair comparison I would have to say, I am not particularly inspired by Obama. I do keep asking, "Where is the beef?" Where are the specifics? And when there is, it lacks substance. Perhaps, it must be my generation, who is far more adroit and far more experienced with politicians, because most of the over 60 crowd will not be supporting Barack Obama. Most of us have heard the snake oil salesman before and Obama sure sounds like a cross between a snake oil salesman and a preacher.
As for Rezko's help acquiring the Obama $1.6 million dollar mansion, a really nice deal which makes a solid case for caring about the poor; doesn't it? As for Rezko, Obama says now, that was a mistake and the legal work really didn't amount to much. We know better than that. They had a long relationship, going back about 17 years and a lot of money flowed to Obama from Rezko.
It stretches credulity to expect anyone to believe it was an honest mistake - if not their intentional mission to infiltrate the political system and grab power from within.

Hank Roth

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