Saturday, October 22, 2016

Can A Devout Practicing Catholic Vote For Clinton/Kaine? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Read and Share!


Can A Catholic Vote For Clinton/Kaine?

Attention Catholics: A vote for Clinton/Kaine (with full knowledge and approval of their declared pro-abortion platform) is a grave mortal sin and would in-effect be an action of self-excommunication.

This is a very serious matter for Catholics and may even require direct confession and absolution from a Bishop.

A Catholic cannot vote for, and in effect participate in, intrinsic evil. The Clinton/Kaine position and documented policy on ABORTION is intrinsic evil. Voting for Clinton/Kaine is approval of these heinous acts.

Just to set the record straight: Kaine is confused on the Roman Catholic Church’s teaching on Capital Punishment. Kaine has professed that the Death Penalty is the equivalent of Abortion. This is FALSE!

Roman Catholic teaching and doctrine on ABORTION is the equivalent to the murder in the highest degree – the murder of a helpless innocent child.

The Church teaching on the Death Penalty is eloquently explained here in the writings of Saint John Paul the Great:
“It is clear that, for the [purposes of punishment] to be achieved,the nature and extent of the punishment must be carefully evaluated and decided upon, and [the state] ought not go to the extreme of executing the offender except in cases of absolute necessity: in other words, when it would not be possible otherwise to defend society. Today however, as a result of steady improvements in the organization of the penal system, such cases are very rare, if not practically non-existent. —Pope John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae 56, emphasis in the original.”

Mr. Kaine is confused and creating scandal by espousing an intrinsically evil philosophy and policy.
Sen. Kaine’s claim that while he is personally against ABORTION, he must bow to the law of the land.
What if we applied Kaine’s argument to NAZI Germany? Could we condone the actions or inactions of NAZI officials who were personally opposed to the Death Camps and Gas Chambers but participated in the genocide because it was at the direction of der Führer – Adolph Hitler?
It was the law of the land – yes?

The Church considers ABORTION as the most serious of murders very much on the level of the Holocaust.
Roman Catholics must give this the most serious consideration before voting for the Clinton/Kaine ticket. It could very well be their ticket to Hell.


“[The Emails Illustrate] The Open Anti-Catholic Bigotry Of Her Senior Advisers, Who Attack The Deeply Held Beliefs And Theology Of Catholics.” – Joseph Cella, Founder Of The National Catholic Prayer Breakfast

WSJ Opinion: “It’s no secret that progressive elites despise religion, but it’s still striking to see their contempt expressed so bluntly as in the leaked email chains that include Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.” (WSJ, 10/13/16)

Angela Flood: “It is an attempt to undermine the faith.” (FOX News, 10/13/16)

Raymond Arroyo: “For someone to come and say, ‘I have a political organization to change your church to complete my political agenda or advance my agenda,’ I don’t know how anybody could embrace that.” (WaPo, 10/12/16)

Joseph Cella: The emails illustrate “the open anti-Catholic bigotry of her senior advisers, who attack the deeply held beliefs and theology of Catholics,” (Catholic News, 10/13/16)

Matt Schlapp: “Hillary likes to say she ‘goes high’ but she and her campaign are as low as a snake’s belly.” (Talk Media News, 10/12/16)

Mercedes Schlapp: “the comments are incredibly offensive.” (Talk Media News, 10/12/16)

Former Ambassador Jim Nicholson: “said the emails left him gasping. ‘I was greatly offended and disappointed when I read these comments made by senior members of Hillary Clinton’s staff.’”He said Clinton “absolutely ought to apologize. No religion should suffer this kind of denigration.” (Talk Media News, 10/12/16)

Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.): “’This attack is not limited to just Catholics.’ He implored on the public to “call on your bishops, call on your faith-based leaders” to condemn the remarks.” (Talk Media News, 10/12/16)

Newt Gingrich: “’Calista and I both feel this is an assault on Catholics.’ He referred to Clinton’s “bigoted, anti-Christian, anti-Catholic staff.” (Talk Media News, 10/12/16)

Calista Gingrich: “extremely offensive.” (Talk Media News, 10/12/16)

Speaker Paul Ryan: “If anything, these statements reveal the Clinton campaign’s hostile attitude toward people of faith in general. … All Americans of faith should take a long, hard look at this and decide if these are the values we want to be represented in our next president.” (Fortune, 10/13/16)

CNN: “Dozens of religious leaders who signed the statement expressed their ‘outrage at the demeaning and troubling rhetoric used by those within Secretary Clinton’s campaign.’” (CNN, 10/14/16)

Bill Donohue: “Yesterday, I stopped short of asking Hillary Clinton to fire John Podesta, her campaign chairman. In light of the latest Wikileaks revelations, she has no choice but to cut all ties with this man. The man is hell bent on creating mutiny in the Catholic Church and must therefore be fired.” (Newsmax, 10/13/16)

Washington Times: Clinton campaign mocks Catholics, Southerners, ‘needy Latinos’ in emails “Long before Hillary Clinton called millions of Americans a “basket of deplorables,” her top campaign advisers and liberal allies openly mocked Catholics, Southerners and a host of other groups, according to newly released emails that offer a stunning window into the vitriol inside the Clinton world less than a month before Election Day.” (Washington Times, 10/12/16)

Kellyanne Conway: “For 30 years Hillary Clinton has been openly hostile to practicing Catholics,” she said, citing Clinton’s support of partial birth abortion and the ObamaCare contraception mandate. “Now her staff is caught calling Catholics ‘backwards’ in emails seething with disdain.” (FOX News, 10/13/16)

Hillary Clinton is a Crook and a Liar. Here is a list. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS PEOPLE. THE MEDIA IS HIDING THE TRUTH.



"The phrase 'where there's smoke there's fire' means that if something looks wrong then it probably is wrong -- just like if you see smoke there probably is a fire somewhere. ... When the signs of trouble are there, then that means that trouble is probably there as well."

Clear enough? The Clintons have been lighting and trying to put out "fires" started by the combustible material of their shifting ethics and morals long before Bill was governor of Arkansas. Earliest memory recalls Hillary making a killing in the cattle futures market.
Clinton has lied so many times on so many subjects that she makes husband Bill (“I did not have sexual relations with that woman”) look like an honest man.

Hillary Clinton has a proven track record of scandalous dealings, both past and present. IT JUST CANNOT BE A SIMPLE CASE OF being in the wrong place, at the wrong time; 


These scandals make Hillary unfit for the role of Commander in Chief! 

Check out Hillary’s some of the most notorious scandals, and decide for yourself. WHERE THERE IS SMOKE THERE IS A FIRE. 

1. Email Server Scandal
Hillary has always had email issues. Not that she’s not good with a keyboard but more to do with “privacy.” During her time as Secretary of State, she send some emails via a private server when she worked from her New York residence. As such, her aides were able to decide which emails to turn over to the State Department, when requested, and which emails they did not. Due to the secretive and often sensitive nature of some of those emails, this is one of many of Hillary’s scandals.

2. Paula Jones Scandal
Paula Jones was a government worker in Arkansas, who alleged she was sexually harassed by Bill Clinton when he was a governor there. She filed a suit in 1994 looking for just under a million dollars in damages, although the case was settles out of court. Many years later, in 2015, the same Paula Jones told reporters that she believed that Hillary Clinton knew all about the sexual harassment yet did nothing and simply supported her husband.

3. FBI Background Scandal
After the Clinton administration was found to have more than 700 FBI background reports on their rivals, the Republicans, all sorts of questions were raised. One big question was that of the director of the Office of Personnel Security, Craig Livingstone, and how he came to have that high-profile job. As the story goes it was Hillary who pushed for him to get the job as she was close buddies with his mother.

4. Norman Hsu Scandal
For those of you who don’t know, Norman Hsu was a big contributor and fundraiser for the Democrat party during Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign of 2008. He was the man who collected contributions to the party, from a variety of “sources” and went a long way to promoting Hillary. However, Clinton was left with egg on her face when it turned out that HSU was a criminal, and more than that a fugitive, who had been scamming people and businesses for many long years.

5. Vince Foster Scandal
This chap, a well-known Arkansas lawyer, was a childhood friend of Bill Clinton and also worked closely with Hillary at Rose Law Firm during the 1970s. When Bill became President he joined the administration as the deputy White House counsel. Foster was known to suffer from depression and in the July of 1993 he allegedly committed suicide in his Virginia Park home with a single gunshot. Most said it was suicide, while many claimed it had something to do with Hillary and Bill and some “foul play.”

6. Jorge Cabrera Scandal
Jorge Cabrera was a supported of the Democrats in the mid-90s and even wrote them a personal check of $20,000. During that time he was even seen in pictures, taken by the press along with the then-First Lady. However, just a few short months later and Cabrera was arrested in a drug bust in Miami and was given 19 years behind bars.

7. Sniper Fire Scandal
When she was First Lady as her husband sat in the Oval Office at the White House, Hillary went on an official visit to Bosnia and met with American troops stationed there. On her return she told the press that she had herself come under sniper fire and could have been killed at the airport when she arrived. Just one week later and Hillary took back those comments claiming she had “made a mistake” in the recounting of what actually happened.

8. Personal Email Scandal
When she was Secretary of State, Hillary also used a personal email address but used it to conduct official business. She allegedly used her personal email to conduct all of her official business. She claimed she never used her personal email to send or receive “classified” information but no one is sure of the real truth about this scandal.

9. Travelgate Scandal
Just a few months after Bill Clinton entered the White House the well-known Travelgate scandal ensued. It started in the spring of 1993 when seven White House employees were fired for questionable accounting practices. Apparently Hillary knew all about the sudden firings way before they actually happened and may well have had a part in them.

10. Monica Lewinsky Scandal
Everyone remembers this one, as the relationship between Bill and Monica, who worked closely with him at the White House came out. She was only an intern at the time, and apparently had sexual relations with Bill, even though he was married. Hillary totally denied that her husband did anything untoward and said on the record that the whole thing had been a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

11. 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Scandal
When the Clinton administration handed over the keys of the White House to the incoming Bush administration, allegations of “damage, theft, vandalism and pranks” were in abundance. When the Clinton’s moved from the White House to their New York home they allegedly took items from the White House which they shouldn’t have, totaling a shocking $190,000. The couple ultimately returned the items, but the scandal lived on.

12. Whitewater Scandal
Whitewater is the generic term for a bunch of scandals attributed to the Clintons. For example, they purchased a few hundred acres of land with their personal friends Jim and Susan McDougal along the White River in the Ozarks. That deal failed and many shady business dealings came out. This scandal led on to the Lewinsky scandal and was seen as “the first domino” that plagued the Clintons for years to come.

13. Clinton Foundation Scandal
Many people have heard of the Clinton Foundation, which was set up by Bill after he left the White House. The foundation was meant to be a nonprofit operation and was set to deal with issues like global warming and climate change. Many alleged at the time that the Clintons used the foundation to forward their own personal agendas. It culminated in allegations of back handers and dodgy dealings which prevail to this day.

14. Benghazi Scandal
This is one of the most famous scandals that Hillary Clinton found herself embroiled in. Back in 2012, four Americans were killed during attacks on a US diplomatic compound in Benghazi, including the then-Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Hillary Clinton’s conduct as Secretary of State was bought into question due to her various email accounts and the way she used them.

15. Cattle Money Scandal
This scandal dates back to the 1970s when Hillary Clinton made a tidy profit of $100,000 trading on the cattle futures market. She was in cahoots with a personal friend at the time who worked for Tyson Foods Inc. Apparently, according to a New York Times article from 1994, Tyson Foods received $9 million in government loans, deeming the whole sage very unsavory and questionable.

16. Clinton Speeches Scandal
It’s not just Bill who made a packet for giving 45 minute speeches at various institutions, but also daughter Chelsea, and of course, wife Hillary Clinton. While Chelsea’s standard fee in 2014 was around the $65,000 mark, Hillary reported a personal income of a staggering $11 million for a total of 51 speeches she gave in just a year. If that’s not scandalous nothing is!