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My Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots!…This is my opinion about the practical political reality in our choosing the next president of the United States who will save our Republic..... AT LEAST FOR THE NEXT 4 YEARS !


1. Obama is and will be the Candidate on the Marxist/Progressive 39% of AMERICA...The Democratic Left
2. Like it or not Romney will most likely be the Republican Candidate. ( He was not my first choice or even my second Choice...BUT HE WILL BE MY CHOICE OVER HUSSEIN OBAMA!

The Candidates from our side who have fought well till now and and made all of them better must now decide what is in the best interest of the COUNTRY'S FUTURE.Who has the best chance of winning NOW....and who is the best financed to take on Obama? Romney ?
Santorum ?
Gingrich ?Paul ?After the Pennsylvania Primary or even before.... it is time for Conservatives to circle the wagons and start the fight against Obama and not spend our

OUR Time
Our Energy
Our Financial Resources to fight each otherObama will undoubtedly have close to a BILLION DOLLARS TO BEAT UP ON OUR NOMINEE.Unless you have the ability as an individual to pony up  $2500.00 which is the maximum contribution.... to a Candidate and you have thousands of others who are like minded and can create a PAC or Bundler group....Its time to start looking at the reality (as I have)  and  prepare and  plan for another battle  in  2016 IF THE REPUBLICAN NOMINEE WINS AND IS NOT CONSERVATIVE ENOUGH FOR US!However...If we take our intra-candidate fight and extend it much longer, we will have a wounded candidate who will not have the time, money, or the integrity to wage a tough campaign with the firm belief that his side is 100% behind him. PATRIOTS WE NEED 100% OF OUR SIDE..110% BEHIND OUR NOMINEE!
( It's  like Hussein Obama... who when he goes to any military camp..MAKES OUR TROOPS DISARM.. before they can be in the room with him! BECAUSE HE FEARS his own troops! )
On the  National Geographic Channel and you may have seen two males of a species fighting for a female and they beat the shit out of each other.. trying to win....then a new male shows up and the two that have been fighting are so weak and cannot defend the prize ....that the new male shows up who is actually smaller and weaker and he wins the female by default because he is still  not bruised and battered and tired like the two who have been beating each other up. Lets not let that smaller weaker make be OBAMA!!LET US NOT BE IDIOTS NOW AND LOSE THE BIGGER BATTLE TRYING TO WIN AN INTERNECINE  FIGHTS!. WE MUST ENTHUSIASTICALLY SUPPORT THE PRESUMPTIVE NOMINEE OR PAY THE PRICE FOR OUR INTRANSIGENCE IN NOVEMBER!

It is my opinion that our first choice of candidate should have been planned for this election not in 2011 or 2012....but in 2009. Lets do better and plan for 2016 after the elections of 2012.

Here’s the way I look at it. It’s just my opinion! 

This metaphor should explain it pretty well!

Consider a man who has been condemned to die. (That’s our Country, being killed by Obama and his Cabal!)
This condemned man who has been unjustly convicted has one chance to get a “stay of execution”… but the lawyer who is going to get him that stay of execution has known to have been a bit of a scoundrel and  the condemned man does not like him too much!  There is very little chance (that without this lawyer) that the man will not be sent to the electric chair. So the condemned man has to make a choice to take Scoundrel Lawyer as his attorney and make the case for a stay of execution. He has a good chance if he does and so have time to prove his innocence!

Does the condemned man take the Scoundrel Lawyer or die based on his principles?

That is the choice!

OK you can poke holes in this metaphor with a bunch of alternative suppositions
(Maybe...The Cavalry comes in and rescues him or the hanging Judge and the jury are executed by a friendly force of rebels from an ancient Mayan Temple…… or some crazy stuff you can concoct to continue to hang onto your argument so you can validate the claim that  you do not like one of our Candidates!)…..but in the end…  IN MY OPINION  the condemned man should accept the lawyer and get the reprieve.

There are only the 3 candidates who can MAYBE beat Obama in this election cycle!!

I want the reprieve of the next 4 years for us to re-constitute our country. All our Candidates have  promised a 180-degree turn around from the Obama direction (which now guarantees the definite demise of America, as we know it!)

Will these candidates live up to their promises?? Who knows! There are no Guarantees as we found out with Obama!

Now I have seen different members of our group tear down a candidate based on conjecture and prognostication of what they will do if and when they are elected. All bad! Take them at their word for now... we have little choice.. The train is about to leave teh station!

Are we to believe them and vote for them? Or do we believe YOUR PETTY PROGNOSTICATIONS?

If so you must we believe that these candidates are pathological liars who will promise us things they have no plans to deliver?  If that is the depth of our cynicism, then why do we participate in this whole political process at all?  Pack up your tents, go home and have a deep long sleep and wake up to either a brand new day for America or … wake up in shackles!

The cold hard truth is that OBAMA WILL WIN… (If we did not give it our all to elect an alternative!)

Or we elect our Presumptive Nominee ...s.. This candidate gives us a 4 year reprieve during which we can at least get the chance to groom the “right” candidate… and redirect our country!

You must admit… we should take this reprieve and live….. than go down in defeat and lose our country in the name of  your particular brand of purity and principle.

If America dies… the last best hope for mankind is gone! No country has been looked up to by so many in the history of  the world!

I would cut off my right hand and live rather than die trapped by a rock.( like that movie recently!)  These are hard choices to make my brothers and sisters but ones we must make now!

"These are the times that try men's souls." This simple quotation is from Founding Father Thomas Paine. IT  not only describes the beginnings of the American Revolution it describes OUR TIMES! He communicated the ideas of the Revolution to common farmers as easily as to intellectuals, creating prose that stirred the hearts of the fledgling United States. He had a grand vision for society: We must too!

I request that all of you do not lose sight of the long term goals and spend too much time pontificating on past issues of ANY ONE OF OUR CANDIDATES and put them down so hard so as it would discourage even one other voter who could vote for our side to be swayed to sit home and not vote!

We cannot afford to have that happen in this election cycle… and that is why I humbly request that all of you look inside yourselves and answer the deeper question!

Do we at least want a reprieve or do we want to be just a "noble obituary"?

IT IS DOCUMENTED THAT AT THE CLOSE OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION, a woman asked Benjamin Franklin what type of government the Constitution was bringing into existence. Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”


Obama is tearing it apart… we need four years to recover and to resuscitate it! Can you all help to do that?  It’s up to each one of us!

In closing .. I am reminded of a quotation by Cicero who said a long time ago, “It is the character of a brave and resolute man not to be ruffled by adversity and not to desert his post.

Let us not desert our posts and resort to petty squabbling! THE BATTLE LOOMS AHEAD AND WE MUST BE PREPARED!


They came together to defeat King George. We must come together to defeat Obama!

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