Thursday, July 5, 2012


URGENT UPDATE: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are scheduled to sign the 2nd Amendment killing UN GUN BAN Treaty JULY 27!
The Supremacy Clause of our Constitution says that treaties are the "law of the land" and cannot be overwritten by acts of Congress or acts of the State Legislatures. So IF the Senate ratifies the UN Arms Trade Treaty that Obama and Hillary intend to sign July 27, the UN Gun Ban will VOID THE SECOND AMENDMENT!
The UN Arms Trade Treaty seeks to set up an international agency that will control the availability of arms and ammunition around the world. This new international body will have the authority to tell signing nations what they can and cannot sell within their own borders. In addition, the international body will have the authority to ban existing guns within countries.
In other words, if the UN decides they don't like your .45 or your 30.06, they can and will ban both the guns and the ammo!
Feel like giving the UN your personal protection weapon any time soon?
How about your hunting rifle?
Neither do I !
Let's get busy and demand the Senate STOP THE UN GUN BAN!
Gun Control Advocates like Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton, keep insisting that the United Nation's Small Arms Treaty won't affect the average American - only bad guys with big scary weapons. But this treaty has nothing to do with disarming cartels and criminal regimes; rather it is about disarming the citizens of the freest country in the world - America.
The United Nation's and their globalist supporters hate guns...ALL GUNS. Your hunting rifle. My personal protection weapon. Don't believe it? Take a good look at the statue that graces the United Nations plaza - a .38 with the barrel tied in a knot.
The Canadian government just filed an emergency petition to exclude hunting rifles from the upcoming United Nations Arms Treaty - Mexico subsequently objected. THE UNITED STATES REMAINED SILENT!
Americans have a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to keep & bear arms, so why isn't our government the one working to exempt hunting weapons? Because Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton want us totally and completely disarmed.
Will you wait until mandatory gun confiscation programs go into effect?
Or will you stand with me now and INSIST our Senate NEVER let this unConstitutional, Freedom killing, Agenda 21 enabling, UN Treaty ever so much as reach the Senate floor?
Because if we don't ACT NOW, we can kiss our hunting and personal protection right goodbye.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been working for years to completely disarm Americans. Back in 2009, Clinton announced the United States would reverse Bush administration opposition to international small arms control. Now with a little help from her Marxist pal Barack Obama and the NWO United Nations, she is just weeks from success.
Hillary and friends claim the sole purpose of the UN Arms Trade Treaty is to stop terrorism and crime. But the truth is, this abominable treaty would do nothing more that prevent Americans from defending themselves from petty crime and tyranny alike. THE UN ARMS TRADE TREATY WILL CONFISCATE AND BAN ALL GUNS OWNED BY AMERICANS!
In a recent meeting, high level staffers from Senator Marco Rubio's office told Unite In Action that the UN Gun Treaty is everything we feared and worse. One Rubio staffer identified this treaty as the single most deadly threat to American freedom EVER. The gun grab is real, and the fight to strip Americans of our guns is happening right now!
Former US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, agrees; "[The UN] is trying to act as though this is really just a treaty about international arms trade between nation states, but there is no doubt that the real agenda here is domestic firearms control" said Bolton.
The UN Arms Trade Treaty Preparatory Committee is attempting to defend its stance by claiming the UN is, "Concerned by the misuse of weaponry around the world, civil society organizations have successfully mobilized governments and parliamentarians to call for the global regulation of the conventional arms trade."
And now, that same Third Preparatory Committee has figured out how to bend the US to the New World Order's will. In July, the group decided that a majority vote will NOT be required for the treaty to pass. That means dissent will be stifled and this international gun-grabbing scheme will pass if we the American people do not act to protect our Second Amendment Rights!
Throughout history tyranny has succeeded in crushing freedom only by disarming the citizens.
Will you silently relinquish your rights? Because silence now WILL result in the loss of YOUR guns.
Together, we can preserve the Constitutional rights our Founding Fathers intended our people to have forever.
Together we can save America!
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Thank you. I know I can count on you.

In Liberty,
Stephani Scruggs
President, Unite In Action, Inc.
National Co-Chair, The 912 Project

About Stephani Scruggs:
Stephani Scruggs serves as the National Co-Chair of The 912 Project as well as President of Unite In Action, Inc. As a writer, speaker and analyst, Stephani focuses on the principles of liberty. She has made numerous television and radio appearances including the Glenn Beck Show to discuss the importance of the American Constitution and the rights it grants its citizens.

Unite In Action, Inc. is a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization, managed by an all-volunteer staff,which focuses on nonpartisan civic education and advocacy regarding important national issues.
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